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,SAP IDOC base Integration Error Handling & Monitoring guide

        The PI implementation will consist of a wide variety of SAP development objects requiring error processing and monitoring procedures.  A unified strategy across development objects is required to control error message generation, logging, resolution and monitoring in this environment.

         In build phase of any Integration scenario when application support strategy is not very define then there are always challenges to handover  development to support team i.e core team member of project as that team is new to SAP World and not aware of each functionality SAP.

I think this document will help to guide step wise process to  Core Team member.It can be used for Train the trainer  session as well .

Once interface runs, interface monitoring team would analyze the errors and take action. It involves following steps –

A.     Analyze errors

B.     Reprocess eligible idocs

C.     Edit IDOCs and reprocess

D.     Provide CIS feedback on failure cases

E.     Purge unwanted idocs

A.     Interface Errors – Analyzing Steps:

1.      Execute Transaction BD87 in SAP ECC with below parameters

Created on Date Range & time  ( analysis period)

Message Type = Required one

2..      Idoc in Error Status can be shown a ( Idoc with status 51 is in Error).


3.      Analyze each of the error cases. 

4.      Any new case or error message needs to be diagnosed by  support team..

5.      Report can be downloaded after  double click on main node .


B.     Reprocess eligible IDOCs

1.      IDOC error can be corrected broadly by correcting related data in production or by reprocessing the IDOC again

(sequencing related erros  or lock related error). .

2.      .Based on analysis above, correct data (if needed)

3.      Execute Transaction code SE38, Program Name = RBDMAIN2 with below parameters

Created on Date Range & time

Message Type = Required one

Message Class =  (As per analysis abpove)

Message Number  = (As per analysis above)


C.     Edit IDOCs and reprocess

1.      In certain cases, we can edit IDOC and reprocess.

2.      In such cases, Idoc can be edited via WE05.

3.      Execute transaction WE05 with below parameters

Created on Date Range & time

Idoc number = (As per analysis)



4.Individual Idoc will be selected and click on documentation iconData can be change via Menu selection as shown below



6. When an IDoc is edited, SAP changes status of original idoc as 70 and marks it as successful. A copy of changed idoc is saved in status 69. We need to reprocess this new idoc (status 69) using BD87.


7. Execute Transaction BD87 with below parameters

                 Idoc Number = As generated above



  D.    Resend Record to Source System for data correction at their End.

  1. As per Idoc error analysis in step A, certain records can not be handled in target system(ECC) and needs to be resent to Source

       for actual data correction.

  2. In such cases where data need to be corrected at source end, report can be generated as which idocs have failed and needs correction.

  3.Execute Transaction Code WE05 With below parameters

  • Created on Date Range & time
  • Idoc number = selected from BD87 Report
  • Select Idoc with status 51 ,and click on details & Select Segement Name



4.Report would be displayed which shows all three important parameters of the failed record 


5.This report needs to be downloaded in local directory and sent to Source system (Manual Step).

6.There is also one more design can be suggested ,Every Idoc have objectkey as reference field,via ABAP Code that can be updated and unique combination of that object key & can be used .

E.     Purge IDOCs:

  1. After confirmation on scenarios where Idocs need not to be processed any further in SAP, we can delete them.
  2. This activity need not be a daily activity but is a part of house keeping activity.
  3. Recommended frequency is monthly (after reconciliation)
  4. Execute transaction of WE11 with below parameters

Created on Date Range & time

Idoc number = selected from BD87 Report


These above functionality need to have correct authroization role set up in Production enviroment of SAP,i.e kind of SAP Support Idoc Admin team to execute all above steps or other wise alternate options of using SAP Standard report like as below.

RBDAGAIE – Reprocessing of Edited IDocs

RBDAGAI2 – Re-processing of IDocs after ALE Input Error

RBDAGAIN – Process Outbound IDocs with Errors Again

I believe this guide will  able to help team to provide proactive information to business application support &  deliver the best customer service .    

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