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How to Create and Trigger Class Based Workflow from Web Dynpro ABAP – Part 3

How to create and trigger class based workflow – Part 2 continue..

Now Click on Ok.


Click on binding as shown below.


You can see the binding automatically exists with the matching types, since we click on yes in the above step.


Now we can see the Required Mapping. Click on Ok.

Now Click on Transfer Button.


Step 4: Creating Send Mail Step

  Now we can see the Created Task. Click on Create as shown below to create the Mail Step.


Select Send Mail Step and Click on Ok as shown below.


Enter Subject and Click on insert expression to insert Value as shown below.


Select EMP_ID (which holds Employee ID) and click on Ok.


Enter the Body of Mail and click on insert expression under body to insert Value.


Now Click on transfer button.


Enter abbreviation and Name and click on Ok.


Now the Work Flow looks like this.


Triggering Workflow from Web Dynpro ABAP

Step 1: Create a Web Dynpro Component.

        Go to the SE80 transaction and create a web dynpro component.


Click on Yes to create.


Enter Description and click on ok.


Save and Activate the Web Dynpro component.

Now double click on MAIN View and go to Context tab of MAIN view. Create node EMPLOYEE with cardinality 1..1 and create an attribute EMP_ID.


Step 2: Layout Design.

   Now Go to Layout tab:

  1. Create label with text ‘Employee ID ‘   and
  2. Create an input field EMP_ID and bind it to EMP_ID of EMPLOYEE node.


  3. Create a button with text “Register” and create an Action for the button.

4. Create a Message Area to Display message.


Enter Action Name and description and click on Ok.


Continuing the remaining in the last part How to create and trigger class based workflow – part 4 ( as the max. no.of images reached )..

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