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discussion signs

I just noticed now to the discussion signs and i want to share it with you

To now if the discussion is answered or not from the overview space

take a look to the signs in the left side of the discussion subject


discussion not answered


discussion answered

New SCN for better community

Naor Shalom

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  • These signs are woefully inadequate.  I have a suggestion at the idea place to change/add more. 

    1) they are way to small

    2) the black on grey makes these hard to see, especially at typical monitor distances and horrible on devices like tablets.  (i.e. we have been up for over a week and you just noticed them?  That should tell you something!)

    3) there are not enough of them.  What indicates a locked post for instance?  Or one closed by the author but not answered?

    Terrible icons at this point.  This is one area I can’t believe the testers of the system didn’t pick up on.


    • Agree. Had to take a looong close look to see the difference. 😎

      I gnerally noticed for myself, that numerous light gray text elements on white background on this site are difficult/tiring to read.

      But according to the actual style of official communication I suppose Mr. M.Y. would just say “Buy yourself some glasses and get used to it” 😕


      • Yes.. it’s almost as if they are afraid of color!   The screens don’t need to all be in greyscale!  It doesn’t cost us extra to use color on the monitors.

        And I just had my eyes checked a few weeks ago!