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The new SCN is a wonder to behold. Some of us are wondering what has happened and some of us loving the new look editors and functionality that we have been screaming asking politely for since June 2003 when SCN first rolled out in Beta.

What has been built in those 8 years and what has been accomplished with the upgrade to a massive enterprise system should not, for any moment, be denigrated. Yes there are some tweaks required in the new system and yes there are a few things might be lost for a little while but on the whole it is a massive change for SCN and on the whole a positive experience.

I, for one, will be blogging more. In the end I gave up blogging on the old blog platform because it was just too painful. High on my wishlist anytime anyone ever asked me about this new platform was the ability to use Windows Live Writer to compose my blogs like I can with wordpress blogs. No-one actually ever gave me a clear answer on that but given I have such a lovely editor to compose with online with that feature request maybe a “nice to have”  but let me emphasize to anyone from SCN reading this it would be nice to use offline editors like Windows Live Writer.

I am sure you have found like me the words “Welcome Guest Login Register” at the top of your page as you move around SCN recently. Ok, so you have to login again. I have found moving your content from your personal space to a content space leaves no redirect behind but all the old SCN blog links are valid.

There are thousands … really thousands? Ok, there are a few little niggles that are still going to be worked out in the next couple of weeks and months but I am very happy with what has been achieved by the amazing SCN team.

Thank you to all of you for all the effort that you have put in and continue to put in to make a rock solid platform that is the envy of the enterprise world.

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