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SAP PI 7.31 AEX : Importing ESR Content and Initial set-up for AEX


We all know that SAP PI 7.31 and AEX are new buzz words in SAP middleware world. Most of us are having lot of questions on PI 7.31 landscape/use cases and it’s installation etc. While trying to install SAP PI 7.31 set-up, you will have three different options to set-up. 

  1. SAP PI 7.31 in double stack (classic – ABAP+JAVA).
  2. SAP PI 7.31 Advanced adapter Engine eXtended (AEX) (new Java only).
  3. SAP Process Integration and Orchestration (AEX java only+BPM+BRM).


While installing double stack PI 7.31 system, basis team know

how to import the new ESR content and initial set-up. But if you are installing the AEX or Process Integration and Orchestration, you may be wondering how to import these ESR content in Java stack? From which wizard you able to do a initial set-up and importing ESR content? I would like to share above information because we had spent most of the times on figuring out how to do a initial set-up and other stuff.


You have to first install the SAP NW J2EE engine of version 7.31 and after installation you have administrator user with all the proper permission to do an initial set-up of AEX or you can create any other user in NWA Identity Management service and provide proper authorization. Once you do all these initial preparation, you can move ahead with next steps.

Importing ESR Content:

    • Before moving ahead with importing ESR content, you should make sure that SAP J2EE engine is in AEX usage type mode. By default, it will be in XPI usage mode (double stack). To change the system in AEX mode, please follow below steps:
    • http://<server>:<port>/nwa -> “Configuration” -> “Infrastructure” -> “Java System Properties”-> Select the service “XPI Service: AII Config Service”

The property “” must be set to “AEX” for an AEX installation/set-up.


    • Now go to -> NWA home page, navigate to “Configuration Management” -> “Scenarios” -> “Configuration Wizard”.


    • Select in the drop down list “All configuration tasks”, the task “PI / ESR Support Package Update”. Above step would ask the authorized user to before executing the steps. This will import the ESR content.
    • Similarly to create all technical users (PISUPER, PIRWBUSER etc) and to register the AEX to central/local SLD, execute the following task present within the “Configuration Wizard” page.
    • Run “PI Test: AEX Initial Set-up”, which will create all the technical users (SAP recommends technical users name should be PIAF<SID>, PIRWB<SID>), registers AEX (adapter engine) to SLD (local or central).


After running above tasks in the configuration wizard, you will be able to open the Integration Builder page, launch the ESR, ID and Configuration     Monitoring page, PI domain in the component monitoring and PI components in SLD.

Registering AEX to SLD:

       After running above wizard, if you are not able to see adapter engine in SLD or ID then you should create following “Destinations” of type “HTTP”.

    • Set up the registration by creating a destination called “SLD_DataSupplier” and “SLD_Client” of type HTTP. Enter the following configuration settings.
    • Appropriate Cenrtal/local SLD URL (http://<host>:<port>), Authentication should be set to BASIC, Appropriate User Name and Password.
    • After creating these, to test the destination, please click on ‘ping’ button and check the result.
    • To force the adapter engine to re-register to SLD, please restart the Java application ‘’.
    • After re-starting the java application you can able to see the adapter engine in SLD, ID.

Connecting to ESR through SAP NWDS:

    • Once all the initial set-up is done and if you are able to launch the IR and ID through Integration Builder. Now, best thing about the PI 7.31 is that you can do all the design time activities (creating DT, MT, SI, Mapping) in SAP NWDS also. Please follow the steps to connect to ESR from NWDS.
    • Open the NWDS, goto Window -> open perspective-> select ‘Enterprise Service Repository’ perspective. After opening this ESR perspective you can connect to ESR with icons present at left-hand side.
    • Before connecting, you should make sure that, you have given PI 7.31 server details in Enterprise Service Browser. To do that, open Window -> Preference-> search with Enterprise keyword. You will see the ‘Enterprise Service Browser’ page, provide the PI server details and save it.


    • Now try connecting the ESR through NWDS, it will ask you to provide user id/password, give PI developer credentials, you will be able to see all the contents of ESR and you will be able to create/delete/modify the ESR content.



After completing all the above steps, you will be having proper PI 7.31 system set-up. Using Integration Builder or SAP NWDS you can start developing the SA PI scenarios.

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