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Giving it Back… Sharing what you have learnt

The motivation to write this blog came from my past experiences. Earlier when were new to SAP, whenever we were struck we were asked to search on SCN or post a question, someone will help you. Believe me it worked. In the initial 3 years whenever we got struck we went to SCN and found the answer. But I do regrets it that during those three years it never occurred to me even once to start contributing it back 🙁 may be in form of answering questions, writing blogs, e-Learning’s etc.

I will accept that in the initial three years we were selfish that the moment our work is done we don’t about anyone or anything.  But one of the incident which changed my approach towards giving it back to community form which we have learnt a lot. It was one of my close friends Dad who asked him one question which goes as “Son you have taken 25 years from this community to stand where you are right now. When will you start giving it back?”

This was the question which changed my approach towards SCN and many other things. It’s been two years and I am trying my level best to be as active as I can. I feel SCN is something like an object which has an entity in this real world not the virtual one 🙂 Contributing it back helps in many ways few I have tried to list down a few.

  • When knowledge divides it automatically gets multiplied.
  • Sharing your thoughts you get to know whether your understanding is correct or not. (For example in one of my blog I came to know that going forward subroutines and function modules may be obsolete as ABAP is going to be all object oriented.
  • By just following various forums or discussions I am able to propose better solutions to client which were struck in similar situation.
  • You are up to date with emerging technologies and what is happening in world of SAP
  • You get to network with people and eventually end up learning so many things from them.

So the whole idea is start contributing by posting questions, by answering them, writing blogs  or may be simply just reading  them key thing to remember is Its our community it will grow by leaps and bound if you give start giving back to it, start sharing things. I still regret it would have been different if i would have done it right from start.

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    • Thanks Maruthi.. Its all about being honest and answerable to yourself. Some one once told me when you stand infront of mirror you should be able to answer yourself for your deeds.

      Be honest and share the knowledge is the key:)


  • Great thought Mate.i know you personally and professionally too and i Highly appreciate your thought and also taking an initiative to motivate people for giving back what you have taken.Let’s make it a learning and sustainable forum as ever.looking forward for help and cooperation as always.

    Warm Regards


  • Hey Nabheet,

    • This is true fact shared by you.& Fact is that everyone should have this common ground before taking it actually upto the expectations.
    • In-fact we are upcoming with so many new Technologies in SAP that the basic Ideas of RICEF will definitively would either fade away or SAP will automate it.
    • Things like SAP-WEBDynpro , SAP-UPGRADES, SAP-GRC , SAP-SRM,SAP-CRM ,SAP-FPM would need a brainstorming to bring it upfront.

    So let us do it….Count us in 🙂

    All the very best.

  • “When knowledge divides it automatically gets multiplied” 🙂 😎

    Hope my division of knowledge helps someone in whatever small ways possible.