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SAP CRM/BW: Enhancements Specific to Business Partners and BW Retraction

Applies to:

SAP NetWeaver BI 7.0 and SAP CRM 5.0(and above).


This paper explains the enhancements specific to business partner in CRM and then retracting BW relevant data to CRM.

Author: Akella Kameswari

Company: Deloitte Consulting

Created on:  25 March 2012

Author Bio

Kameswari Akella is currently working in Deloitte Consulting on SAP BI/BW.


There is a need to write attribute values for the business partner into SAP CRM and store this data in a table in CRM .I want to transfer infoobject attributes (Address and Gender) for the infoobject Business Partner. For transferring data from SAP BW, start by defining a data target in SAP CRM, and then use this data target in SAP BW to model the data transfer process in the form of an analysis process. I want to store the transferred data from SAP BW in the form a table in CRM, so that this custom table can be used for other purposes. 

To achieve this, we have to first create a data target in CRM of the type “Enhancements Specific to Business Partners” and then create an analysis process in BW to retract the BW data to CRM.

Enhancements Specific to Business Partners (Steps in CRM)

Step 1: Create a table ‘ZTABLE_APD’  in CRM. It should fall within the customer namespace (that is, the table name has to begin with Y or Z) and it has to have the business partner number as its key.


Step 2: You should have authorizationfor the authorization object C_CRMBWTGT to perform step 3


Step 3: Goto SPRO –>Integration with Other mySAP Components –>Data Transfer from SAP Business Information Warehouse


Now, execute ‘Release Data Targets for Replication from SAP BW’ or if you want to jump to the below screen without following the navigation, directly use transaction code ‘CRMBWTARGETS’. Define the table ‘ZTABLE_APD as a data target and target attributes as ‘ADDRESS’ and ‘GENDER’ and specify their corresponding BW InfoObjects(0ADDR_LINE0 and 0GENDER respectively) in Customizing for SAP CRM.


BW Retraction

Model an analysis process “ZAPDRR” for transferring data from attributes (0ADDR_LINE0 and 0GENDER) of 0BPARTNER to CRM attributes (ADDRESS and GENDER),which are the fields of  the table ‘ZTABLE_APD’. To achieve this, create the analysis process with source as 0BPARTNER infoobject and Data target of the type CRM with selection of the data target that is defined in step 3(above). You set a data flow arrow between the datasource and the data target to assign the BW attributes ‘0ADDR_LINE0’ and ‘0GENDER’ to the fields ‘ADDRESS’ and ‘GENDER’ of the table ‘ZTABLE_APD’ that is created. The screenshot for the datasource is given below:



Data target should be of the type CRM with selection of the data target that was defined previously.

Select the datatarget as ‘Enhancements Specific to Business Partners’ and the subobject should be the table created in step1. The table fields will be available as data targets.

The screenshots are given below:


Select the table fields of the table(table is created in step1) from list of  Available Attributes to the Selected Attributes.


Double click on the dataflow arrow between the datasource and the datatarget. Initially, no assignments will be present between the source structure and target structure.


Now, assign 0BPARTNER of the source to the target field Business Partner ID. The screenshot is given below:


Now, assign 0ADDR_LINE0 of the source to ADDRESS field of target table(ZTABLE_APD). The screenshot is given below:


Now, assign 0GENDER of the source to GENDER field of target table(ZTABLE_APD). The screenshot is given below:


The final screen looks as follows:


Now check analysis process.


Activate the above analysis process.

Give the technical name for the above analysis process.



Execute the analysis process.


The logs are shown below:


The data is transferred from SAP BW into the CRM table ZTABLE_APD which we have created.


Execute the 0BPARTNER in BW for few business partners and compare the address and gender values in BW and CRM. In BW, let us restrict data to 6 Business Partners. The screenshot is given below:


The attributes Address Line 0 and Gender values for the corresponding 6 Business Partners is given below:


In CRM,execute the table ‘ZTABLE_APD’ with the same restrictions as in BW i.e., for the 6 Business Partners with which we have restricted data in BW.

The screenshot of the selection screen for the table ‘ZTABLE_APD’ in CRM is given below:


The address and genders are populated correctly for the corresponding Business Partners. The screenshot is given below:


In this way, enhancements specific to Business Partners can be done in CRM and then data can be retracted from SAP BW to CRM.

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