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How to create a Graph in Business Objects WEBI

Creating Graph in Web Intelligence

We can create charts in one of three ways:

1.    Select an existing table or cross tab and convert it to a chart using the right-click Menu.

2.    Drag a chart type from the Chart and Table types and position it over an existing table to convert it to a chart.

3.    Create a blank chart by dragging a chart type from the Chart and Table types, then dragging Objects from the Available Objects to fill the new chart with data values.

It is recommended you work in Structure View when you insert a new chart from the Chart and Table types .

This is because Results View is designed to display the data contained in reports. Therefore we can only view charts in Results View after we have allocated dimensions and measures to the empty chart template.

Creating a Chart from Table:

Suppose your report consists of 6 or more columns.

1. /wp-content/uploads/2012/03/001_82692.jpg

       1. In order to build a graph we require only two or three columns. So we need to build a table with 2 or 3 columns as shown below:


  Note:  Do not use lot of variables while creating the table. Also the date should be dimension and not a variable.

1.     2. Right click on the table and click on Turn table to….


        3. Click on Bar Charts under Chart and Table Types.

        Under that select the type of chart you want to display for example Vertical bar and Line and click OK.


        The Chart will appear as below:



1.     4. Now we need to do some formatting in order to display the chart properly.

           For that Right click on the chart area and click on Chart.


          5. Select the options under General tab.


          5. Setting border of chart are:


          7. Chart Tile under Appearance tab.


          8. Define the layout of the chart.


          9.The pivot can be changed as it shows the different Dimensions and Measures available in the universe. From here also you can change the dimensions and measures to be displayed in chart.


          Finally the chart appears as below:



     Dragging from Chart and Table types:

     1.    Select the chart from the tab Chart and table type and drag it to the Report panel.


2. In the Report Panel, the pop up appears for the selection of parameters for the X-Axis and Y-axis. Select the axis and drag the parameters. Click OK.


3. The chart appears as follows. Formatting can be done as illustrated above.


Dragging a Chart on Table:

1.    We can also drag the chart type above the table as shown below which will convert the table to the corresponding chart.


2. The chart can be formatted further to the required dimensions.







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