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New SCN : Has my old content gone?…Nope it is still there !

New SCN is here. It’s exciting to see SCN with new look and feel. 🙂

After few minutes of browsing, I came across this thread Is this true? Has all my old content gone forever? When i tested one of my saved old URL, the result was negative. 🙁

A few minutes of research has given me a sigh of relief because old content did not vanish, it is still there.

Only thing is I have to slightly twist,tweak the URL.

Here it is how it works !

URL for messages:

When I execute this saved URL, it took me to SCN landing page but not to the message discussion thread which I had expected.

SCN Page 2.jpg

This is a kind of panic situation because I have saved this URL to review a valuable discussion on a specific topic.

Gave me a sense of thought “is it gone?”

Nope, nothing is lost …you still have it. However, you will have to tweak the URL as shown in the following example to retrieve your content.

Ex: Suppose Old link is New link will be

Now try this and see…you will be directed to the exact location where you intend to go.

URL for Thread Id’s:

You got to do nothing. paste the URL in the browser, you will be directed to the designated location.


Saved Bookmarks:

Saved bookmarks are directed to the designated location automatically. You do not have to modify anything.


A small workaround……you can access all your content ‘as is’.

Happy communicating 😀 .

SCN Page 2.jpg
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