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Going Crazy with SCN Alerts?

I was!  But earlier this week I set up rules for my Outlook inbox to help put some sanity back in my life. 

I love to have my finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the community!  So I’m following community leaders and topics in SCN that I’m interested in.  I have alerts set up for “About SCN”, “SCN Bug Reporting”, and some other topics I’m interested in.  And in addition to following topics in SCN, we also have an internal community at SAP and I follow topics from there as well.

It’s been great, until this week when simultaneously we launched the new SCN with lots of discussions about the community – and we also have some programs going on at SAP that are generating a lot of discussions and email alert traffic.  On Monday, between the two plus my normal email traffic, I was getting 500-600 emails a day.  I couldn’t even concentrate because my laptop kept pinging with all the new mail coming in constantly. 

I’d had enough!  I still wanted to see what is happening, but I have to have to regain control where I can take some time out and just focus on SCN or SAP community alerts.

I decided to figure out the Outlook rules feature – and I’m happy to say it’s working great!

Here’s what I did:

  1. I created two folders in my Outlook email file:  a-Community and a-SCN Alerts.  (I included the “a-“ at the front end because Outlook sorts folders alphabetically and I wanted them to be near the top.  (See image 1).
  2. In Outlook, I chose the “Rules” / “Create Rule…” command. (image 2)
  3. In the dialog box that pops up, choose “Advanced Options…” (image 3)
  4. Next dialog box choose “with specific words in the sender’s address (image 4) and press “Next”
  5. At the bottom of the dialog box, the words “specific words” is highlighted.  Click on that and it comes up with a search text dialog box.  Enter the text “” and press OK and then “Next”.  (image 5)
  6. Then in the rules wizard choose “move it to the specified folder”.  Again it puts that phrase in the bottom of the dialog box.  Choose the words “specified” and then select the folder where you want the emails to go.  (See image 6 to see what the completed rule looks like.)
  7. Press “Finish” and voila you’re all done.

Now all SCN alert emails go into the folder you chose instead of in your inbox.

I’m still getting many alert emails, but I can find 15-30 minutes during the day to scan through them one by one (see final image at the bottom) and see what the discussion is about and choose whether to explore or comment further in the community.

Give it a try!

eMail Community Folders.pngeMail Create Rule1.png

eMail Create Rule2.pngeMail Create Rule3.pngeMail Create Rule4.pngeMail Create Rule5.png

eMail Create Rule6.png

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