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Go BPM or Fail !

We need to teach organisations that it’s not bad practice to throw something away entirely in order to achieve the greatest gains. We need to educate the leadership that the retention of a process out of some nostalgic desire and misty eyed belief it works in today’s context is wrong and that it’s ok to say goodbye to a beloved one and make way for a newborn. – Theo Priestley

BPM = Understand, Measure and Improve

When times are tough, organizations need to focus on their core competencies, improve their value proposition and do more with less. There is no question that in today’s volatile economy, extreme business-cycle fluctuations can occur often. With proper business process management implementation, you’ll have the ability to manage an array of business changes that constantly transpire. Without proper BPM training, understanding the key components that make process management successful can be daunting. With this in view Incture, one of the leading SAP NW BPM implementers in Asia, together with SAP Education is conducting for the second time in a row, a jump start workshop for executives as a part of their SAP NetWeaver Process Orchestration World Tour 2012. Their popular workshop have been delivered in more than 4 countries over the last two years, covering the core business impact and IT benefits of process improvement with BPM. This workshop is now delivered as a SAP course – WSGBPM.

Course highlights:

The workshop will enable the participants to develop comprehensive BPM business case, metrics and success criteria, increase the ROI of the existing projects and initiatives with BPM and finally lead the BPM conversations in their organizations and engage the business teams with compelling proposals on reducing process cycle times, creating new revenue opportunities, reducing cost, reducing risks and increasing customer experience.

Who should attend?

  • Business Process Professionals, Business and System Analysts, Process Architects, Process change agents, IT Executives or any one responsible for defining and executing process improvement or BPM strategies or initiatives
  • System and Application Architects, Enterprise Architects, Business Architects, IT governance professionals looking to connect BPM to their organization’s business and technology architectures

Agenda: BPM Jump Start for Executives


March 15-16, 2012

Johannesburg, RSA

Registration Closed

April 12-13, 2012


Registration Closed

April 16-17, 2012

Waldorf, Germany

Registration Closed

April 19-20, 2012

New York, NY

Registration Closed

April 23-24, 2012

Chicago, IL

Registration Closed

April 26-27, 2012

Bay Area

Registration Closed

April 30-May1, 2012

Seattle, WA

Registration Closed

July 5-6, 2012


Registration Closed

August 23-24, 2012


Registration open

August 27-28, 2012


Registration open

August 30-31, 2012


Registration open

September 3-4, 2012


Registration open

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  • Hi Bala,

    couple of questions:

    a) whats the difference between BPM and BPX, I have read few threads, but the confusion still remains.

    b) why is it that SAP doesnt have such workshops in India, and SAP still claims that India being one of the largest base. Shouldnt India have such workshops, as have seen in some certifications also, me being SAP Workflow Consultant, couldnt find one in India for my skill and BPX either.


    Aditya V

    • Hi Aditya,

      Good to see your questions.

      a) As you may already know, BPX stand for Business Process Experts. Business Process Management (BPM) is a means to study, identify, change, execute and monitor business processes. In general, BPX use BPM methodologies and technologies to manage and optimize the business processes. SAP NetWeaver BPM is SAP’s technology suite offering. SAP offers a tech course TZBPM for BPM technology consultants.

      b) Link to SAP’s BPX certification – C_BPX_70. SAP together with Incture has been planning to conduct WSGBPM in India as well. Please get in touch with me if you would like to participate in this workshop in India.


      • Hi Bala,

        thanks for the reply, could I ask for your email, as I have few queries regarding BPM, which I could ask you.

        If you do not want to share your mail, you could send me a mail and shall be in touch with you.


        Aditya V

  • 1. The Title is a bit harsh ..No BPM = Fail 😉 .

    2. In India I do not think people will go for paid courses.We love free and cheap events (And that is the Order of the day). We all know the salary of executives in India ( believe me Indians are cheap 😳 )and that’s one of the reason why you do not see many paid course/workshop in India .After all an entry level engineer can’t spend his few months of wages to get enrolled into courses which are very high end and specific in nature until unless his organization pays(organization pays only when they see the immediate output in attracting more business)  .

    Above said points are my opinion .Please do not take it as objection/support to the blog.


    Anjan .

    • Thanks for the comments Anjan.

      1.”Literal” meaning is not to be taken 🙂 . The title just reflects upon the need for BPM for organizations to bring in continuous process improvement and excellence. You may refer the well renowned Gartner’s view on the same.

      2. Request you to kindly look at the section “Who should attend?” in the blog. This workshop / course is not for entry level engineers and is not targeted towards individuals. This workshop is for the teams that drives or want to drive process excellence in their organizations. This workshop has already been conducted at several organizations in India in various forms. For India the rates are obviously different as it is very natural that the workshop fee would be different in different countries. If you / your organization is interested in this workshop, then you can get in touch with me to get details on the organization specific version of this workshop.