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I’m a big, no, make that BIG, fan of Evernote. I use it to keep notes about all sorts of stuff, but work-related and personal. I also use it to clip interesting content from the web, for reading later or just for reference. Much of that web clipping I’ve automated using a service called ifttt – “If This Then That”. This allows you to create simple rules with a trigger and an action. The trigger might be “a new blog post on my blog” and the action might be “post a copy of the blog as a new note to Evernote”. Some of the things I use this for:

  • Post all of my tweets to Evernote
  • Post all twitter “mentions” to Evernote
  • Post all of my twitter “favourites” to Evernote

These give me a complete, fully searchable archive of everything of interest to me on Twitter. This is much more useful that twitter’s search. It is also accessible from my PC, whether online or offline, from any other PC via evernote’s web interface, and on my mobile devices via the evernote apps for iOS and Android (and other platforms).

I also auto-archive posts from my personal blog to Evernote, as a backup.

I’m posting this blog here on SCN because I’ve just created a new ifttt rule. Anything I bookmark here on SDN is listed on my bookmarks page. That page has an RSS feed. So, my rule posts to Evernote everything I bookmark here in SCN. I don’t get the content of the item bookmarked, unfortunately, just a link, but still this could be a useful archive of content I find interesting, automatically built just by bookmarking things. And there are RSS feeds for most things in SCN now…

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