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Steps to Automate Datamanager package in BPC NW 7.5 and few tips to help you through !

I.      Introduction:

This article covers the steps to follow to automate the Data Manager packages in BPC NW 7.5. Though BPC Data Manager packages can be configured and scheduled at a given time with in BPC for Excel, however we also have the ability to automate the package and incorporate the same into a custom process chain for end to end automation of data loads from ECC to BW to BPC. Perhaps by using this technique we also can debug a package in case if the log generated by running the package isn’t helpful to identify an issue.

II Automation of a package can be segregated into two sections:

  • Answer Prompt file.
  • Program Variant.

II.1 what is an Answer prompt file?

In general, it is mandate to supply all the all the required prompts to execute a package successfully. Therefore any attempt to automate the execution of package involves supplying the answers to these prompts through some means. These answers when bundled into a file can be called as an Answer Prompt file.

II.2 what is a program Variant?

Using the program UJD_TEST_PACKAGE a data manager package can automated.This program requires certain parameters to be entered like Appset, Application Id, User, package, Answer Prompt file etc. Once all the parameters are supplied the program can be saved as a variant for further usage in process chains using ABAP Process type.

III.    Answer Prompt file creation:

Step 1- Execute Data Management Package:

Logon to Office Client chose your respective Appset and Application.

Run the Data Management Package with all the necessary required parameters.

Trace the log file of the success package and make necessary modifications to make it ready for automation.

Step 2- File service in BW:

Log on to BW system, enter t-code UJFS

Follow the steps defined below to identify the log file.

Figure 1.jpg

Enter Appset name and click Execute

Step 3- Package Log:

All the logs are stored on private publications folder expand it to identify the user id using which the package has been executed. The answer prompt files are stored in the folder called temp files.

Sequence: Root > Appset > Application > Private Publications > Domain > User id > TempFiles

Figure 2.jpg

Typical list of log files can be seen as below:

Figure 3.jpg                                                                                                                  

The logs generated by running the packages by a specific user can be seen under that user id.

Step 4- Identify specific log file:

The log files you see here are a mix of all data management package logs executed. Easiest way to identify the log file is each log is generated with the executed package name followed by date and time combination.


Step 4.1 Sample Master data Log file:

Fibure 4.jpg

Highlighted section the package name and date and time the package was executed.

Here the package name is “Import bw masterdata”.

Step 4.2 Sample Master Data hierarchy load log file:

Figure 5.jpg

Step 4.3 Sample Transaction Data load log file:

Similar is the case with Master data hierarchy load and transaction data load from BW to BPC.

Highlighted section denotes Data Management Package name followed by date and time stamp.

Figure 6.jpg

Tip: you can identify latest executed data management package log from the bottom of the log files list.

Step 5- Download log file:

Once the log file is identified, it has to be downloaded to a desirable location and modify it in required format.

Right-click on the chosen file and click on Download Document option from the menu.

Figure 7.jpg

From the prompt screen click Yes.

Figure 8.jpg

Specify the file location where you intend to save and click Save.

Step 6- Trimming pertinent portion of Answer prompt file:

Downloaded Log may look something like below.

Figure 10.jpg

From the log remove the unwanted portion (section highlighted in Red).

View of the section required from the above log file.

Figure 11.jpg

Trim the file with few replacements as described below to make it fully qualified as an Answer prompt file.

Replace “&lt;” with “<” and “&gt;” with “>”

Tip: You can use simple ‘find’ and ‘replace’ option in the notepad to perform this task.

Once the trimming process is complete,ready to use answer prompt file would look like below:Figure 12.jpg

Save this notepad with a name in a designated location to be recalled in UJD_TEST_PACKAGE program in BW

III.   Variant Creation:

Automating the DM packages using package log generated in BW file service.

Logon to BW system, go to SE38, enter the program name UJD_TEST_PACKAGE and click Execute.

Figure 13.jpg

Tip: As a best practice save this program and rename with Z to save your selves from unwanted/unexpected changes to this SAP Program during future upgrades.

Next screen enter all the required parameters in the selections.

Figure 14.jpg

User ID: Enter the user Id

Tip: as a best practice configure the user id with BPC system id (eg: BPC_SYSADMIN) instead of developer id. Package execution may fail if the developer id assigned is removed from the user list in BPC Admin.

Package ID: Enter the package ID for which the automation is being setup.

Appset ID: Enter Appset

Appl ID: Enter the Application Name

Team ID: Can be left blank

Answer Prompt: An answer prompt file has all the prompt selections entered while executing a package. All those variables are bundled into a file (typically a notepad), is called into this selection using F4.

Schedule info (XML): Default

Once all the required values are maintained click on Execute

Next screen give the Variant name and Description and click Save .

This variant can be used in the process chain to automate the data management package.


It is evident from the above that automation of Data manager packages in BPC NW 7.5 is simple. Few steps and tips will help you achieve desired end result.

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      Can i call this through my input schedule.

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      Former Member


      I am trying to execute Fx Restatement from BW as per this document,

      The Variant for the program UJB_TEST_PACKAGE is maintained as below:


      and the Answer Prompt File is like:

      Ans Prompt File.JPG

      but whenever I am executing this.. nothing is happening.. neither the result nor the error.

      can you please provide me some pointers on this...

      Thanks In Advance


      Author's profile photo Saida Reddy Gogireddy
      Saida Reddy Gogireddy

      Hello Gaurav,

      I am also facing the same issue, Did you resolve this...?

      Please let me know

      Thank you ... 🙂


      Saida Reddy G

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      Kurt Dukes

      It looks as if your answer prompt is missing some parameters. Make sure you do not paste data into the Answer prompt, but rather upload a properly formed xml file. The presentation Ellora prepped is on target.

      Thank you,

      Kurt Dukes

      Author's profile photo Scott Raines
      Scott Raines

      Good information. Any idea if you can create a package for running report distribution? I'd like to add this functionality into the process chain for loading data to BW->BPC->Send reports