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Scenario: Overtime Calculation

Employee’s overtime, which is entered in employee remuneration info should be paid correctly in his payroll.

OT Rate has to be calculated as per the below logic.

OT Rate = (Basic * 12) / 2496.       

Using standard schema, we cannot achieve this.

We will create a custom rule and add that rule in custom schema.

Copying Standard Schema:


Enter Schema name and click on Copy button. Enter TO Schema.

Copy SAP Standard Schema (XT00) to Z Schema (Z003).


Rule Creation:


Enter Rule name and click on Create button. In Attributes, enter Program Class ‘C’ (Payroll).


Create a Rule (Z002) for calculating OT Rate.

Each rule contains operations to process payroll data in internal tables. In the below rule we have used AMT, ADDWT and FILLF operations.

AMT*12: Amount of the current wagetype is multiplied with 12.

ADDWT 9010: The Current wagetype values are added to wagetype 9010 into OT table.

FILLF: This will reset the value of current wagetype.

ADDWT *: Adding current wagetype to OT table.


Create another rule(Z004) to send amount of wagetype 9010 to wagetype 9020.


Create a rule(Z005) to multiply Rate with Number to get Amount.


Insert the newly created rules into schema Z003.


Data Maintenance:

Now enter wagetype 9020(Overtime) and number of hours in Employee Remuneration Info (2011) infotype.


Executing Payroll:


Check Payroll Results:


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Pradeep,

    Keep up the good work. This is an amazing document. However the screenshots are not clear. Is there any way you could update the same??



      1. Former Member

        Hi Upendra,

        I have tried several methods to chk the screen shot, the issue is, the moment u enlarge the size, the content gets blurred and become unreadable.

        Was hoping to read the functions used in the rule…

        1. Former Member

          Hi Binu,

          Then I would not be of any help here, because I have suggested what I have done, may be it is something with your OS, I am not sure.

  2. Former Member


    i done according to document stepwise only

    but if i give OT hours in IT 2010 as 5 in salary also it is 5 only not multiplying with hour rate * 5 (OT hours)

    what is the issue can anyone please clarify.

    thanks and regards,

    praneeth kumar


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