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Define Card Types:

Img – Sales & Distribution – Billing – Payment Cards – Maintain Card Types.


Define Card Categories:

Img – Sales & Distribution – Billing – Payment Cards – Maintain Card Categories – Define Card Categories


Assign Card Categories to Card Types

  Img – Sales & Distribution – Billing – Payment Cards – Maintain Card Categories – Determine Card Categories.


After these above 3 steps you need to link the Payment cards to Sales document types Standard SAP uses Plan 03, which can be used in all the cases and it is very rare to define new Plan type for which

“Maintain Payment Card Plan Type”

Img – Sales & Distribution – Billing – Payment Cards – Maintain Payment Card Plan Type


As soon as we assign the Plan type to sales document type, we can see the field “Payment cards“ will be now available in your sales order and at header level the “Payment cards tab”

Just now we have assign Payment card plan to sales document, similarly now we need to assign the payment guarantee procedure to our sales documents for which we need to:

Maintain Payment Guarantee Procedure

  Img – Sales & Distribution – Billing – Payment Cards – Auth. & settlement – Maintain Payment Guarantee Procedure

Define Payment guarantee Schema

Define Customer Determination Schema

Define Document Determination Schema

Assign Document Schema to Order Types

Define Payment guarantee Schema Determination.

Now let’s see each one by one below:

Define Payment guarantee schema:


Then go for Forms of Payment guarantee.


ii)  Define Customer Determination Schema:


Assign this customer determination schema in XD02 at sales area data – Billing tab.

iii) Define Document Determination Schema:


   iv) Assign Document Schema to Order Types:


V) Define Payment Guarantee determination Schema:


Here the highlighted field will determine the payment guarantee procedure for all the Customers.

If we need to determine the payment guarantee procedure for the particular selected customers then the line two i.e. 0002- 01- 000002 will help in doing so.

Define Checking group:

Now we need to check the card before Authorization, for which we need to define custom routine checks, authorization Horizons, and validity at the checking group level. So for this first we need to define the checking group and assigning those to sales document types.

Img – Sales & Distribution – Billing – Payment Cards – Auth. & settlement – Maintain checking group – Define checking group.


01 is the checking group, which we have defined

1 is the routine for the authorization requirement which is a standard one. This Routine 1 will do the following checks.

  · This routine checks if the sales document is complete.

This routine also checks for the MAD (material availability date) if the system can perform complete delivery, in such case the whole amount will be taken off from the card specified.

In case if it is a partial delivery, then the partial portion of the total amount will be taken off from the card.

In case if preauthorization is maintained then the system will charge the customer £1 in case of partial delivery or incomplete delivery for the preauthorization, or the authorization house would collect it.

14 is the no: of days within which the authorization should be completed, so as to carry on the delivery, post goods issue, and billing.

30, is the no: of days till that day the card should be valid, so that the whole Order to cash process should be completed.


Assign Checking group to the Sales document type:


Maintain Authorization Validity period.

  This is the no: of days we can keep card authorization valid, and after which we need to take the authorization once again.


So in this case the card details will remain 28 days and later preauthorization is still required…

Maintain settings  for Clearing house:

Img – Sales & Distribution – Billing – Payment Cards – Auth. & settlement – Maintain clearing house – Account determination

Here in Account determination we will be following the condition technique .

Create condition tables

Create assess sequence

Create condition types

Maintain Procedure and assign procedures to the billing type.

Assign GL accounts to condition type, chart of accounts, S.Org and card type

We need to Define and assign the condition type (A001 sap standard) and card type and Sales organisation to the GL account.


Setting up control for authorization and settlement.


Here we need to define the Payment card receivables, clearing account the routines for the simulations.

You have to assign the payment card details in customer master in general data – payment cards tab click pay



Now raise the sales order and select the payment card from the field Payment card field, and go to header data and where you can see Payment guarantee schema is determined at Risk management.

In Header data, Payment cards tab, upon saving the document the credit card status indicator will be green.


This is how we can configure Payment Card Processing. To know more about how the credit card number is deciphered by the system you can search the web with the tag. Luhn algorithm.

Sridhar Vijjhalwar

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  1. Former Member


    Thank you for sharing this good presentation t us .I donno ,how I missed this good document here .

    Best of luck to create good documents in future .



  2. Former Member

    Good doc

    One small doubt plz let me know

    Apart From this standerd settings any other enhansment wrote besause how system is reducing money from Account ,, and tell me this is useful only for credit cards plz let me know

    i dont know how sap system is reducing Balance from cards

    bz big males we will give our credit cards then only our balance will be deducted but here how it is possible ?

    tag. Luhn algorithm   this is one right ?

    plz let me know ….

    1. Sridhar Vijjhalwar Post author


      Thanks for the interest in looking at this document and two stars.

      Please look at the following settings, which needs to be completed in order to get your SAP system to connected to banks. As those settings again are handled by basis and for any new requirements if created ABAP as well.

      Once the e.commerce, webtrade settings are in place ( which is not my field)

      and Yes Luhn Algotithm is right. On the principles of LUHN Algorithm the credit card is deciphered whether it is master card, or VISA etc.




          1. Former Member

            Dear Sridhar Vijjhalwar

            this is useful daily customers or One time customers

            bz while creating customer in xd01 always we have to give customer Account no

            bz in Big males what will be happend directly they will scratch the card and after entering pin money will reduced so that is differnt process and this is different right ?

            1. Sridhar Vijjhalwar Post author

              bz in Big males


              I could not understand what is bz in Big males…

              could you explain?

              I see the same thing mentioned by GDK GDK as well.

              Do you mean to say Business in Big Mall ?

              if so please avoid using sms terminology .

              However how will I know what software the bz in big male is using ? 🙂




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