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Contract delivery

Hi All !

A company has a contract to be delivered 1,000 items with a supplier. When a need for  i.e. 100 items arises, the supplier delivered the items and the invoice is then send to the company.
How can I implement this in SAP?

Thanks for reply

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  • HI

    Post your question as Discussion…

    You need to create Sale order for that 1,000 items and in logistic tab,you need to click,Partial Delivery’ and then add it.

    Now raise the delivery note only for that 100 items and raise invoice according to that.

    after that, when you try to create the delivery note based on this sale note which will show only 900 items to be delivered.

    • Hi Kamba,

      Your idea helped me. I’m not familiar with the new design of the forum. I don’t know how to award points and clore the topic.

  • Hi Yves

    What I understand from your question is that the company had a blanket agreement, a long term contract, with a certain supplier and needs to process purchasing transactions under this agreement.

    If you’re using 8.82, the new feature “Blanket agreement” will be helpful. with blanket agreement feature, you can record a contract with a supplier and contract condition like pricing can be applied to purchasing transactions like purchase order, GRPO and A/P invoice. moreover, you can track the status of fulfillment of a certain blanket agreement.

    For more detail, please visit SAP Business One 8.82 landing page and go to Training | 8.82 Business Logic IV Blanket Agreements