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Configuration of Segmentation in SAP CRM

What is customer segmentation?

Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing, such as age, gender, interests, spending habits, and so on. Using segmentation allows companies to target groups effectively, and allocate marketing resources to best effect.

Segmentation in SAP CRM

SAP CRM has many features related to segmentation. With the newer and better versions of CRM coming up, segmentation itself is becoming a separate topic within Marketing. A lot of new terms have been introduced and one can do a lot of activities in the new segment builder (or graphical modeler).In this document I will describe how to configure segmentation in your CRM system.

Configuring segmentation in SAP CRM

1.       Data Source

First and foremost task to find out the data which needs to be segmented and the source of the data. Refer to the steps below for creation of data source.SAP CRM supports mainly three types of data sources.

a)     1. Marketing attributes

b)     2. Infosets

c)     3. BI queries



Based on the type of the data the origin type is selected. If the data is coming from the marketing attribute set then attribute set is selected.If it’s a BI query then BI Cube is selected and if the data to be segmeneted is from CRM Master data then InfoSet is selected.If ELM is used to upload data to be segmented External List management is selected as origin type.

For attribute list as origin, first we need to define the attribute lists in CRM Web UI.


In SAP GUI, search for the attribute list and select it. Save the data source.


In case the data source is InfoSet . i.e, CRM master data is used, we need to create the infoset in CRM using the transaction sq02. Here we can use table joints to join tables from which the data has to be fetched.


Once, the table joint is done, one can select all the fields for segmenting or preselect only relevant fields for segmenting. Even custom tables can be used for joints.

Save the infoSet and navigate back to segmentation data source screen in SAP GUI( t code: crmd_mktds)

For BI queries as data source, the BI query has to be created in the BI system first.

1.       Attribute List

The next step is to create the attribute lists so that they can be used for segmentation in Web UI.

T code: crmd_mktds


Select the data source and start to create filters. Save the attribute list.Your attribute list is now ready to be used for segmenting.

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