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The new SCN: My personal landing page

Not sure about you, but whenever there’s a huge re-design like this, you’re probably starting off a bit lost. In the past, I mainly used the forums in SCN, both as a participant and as a moderator. I had full text RSS feeds for the forums I moderated which I followed in Google Reader, together with all my other feeds.

On the new SCN, social interaction seems to be a lot more fun, so I’m interested in finding a good (read: quick) start to find all the activity I want to be part of. For me that seems to be happening in the places. I’m following the ones I’m interested in, and the “Places” tab in my profile lets me see all the latest activity in one place:


The URL to this is<YOUR NAME HERE>/places#itemView=detail . That’s my bookmark in the Links bar in the browser that will immediately take me to the action.

What’s your way to get to SCN in the new new thing…?

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    • I mostly use the “Activity” page for this purpose and then I subscribe to feeds for individual areas that I want keep tabs on. An alternative to subscribing to feeds is using the “Tracking” functionality, which makes changes turn up in the “Communication” tab.

      • The Activity page is going to get quite busy if you follow a lot. That’s going to need some careful management to get the best from it. Thanks for the hint about “tracking” – that might be a good way to divide up stuff I’m trying to keep up with.

        • Yeah, I think “Follow” shows up on your activity page and is for seeing what other people are doing. This is stuff that it is OK to miss.

          “Track” puts stuff in your “Communications” area, which is more like an inbox where you manually go through each item, no matter how old it is.

    • The Activity page lists stuff I do. Places has action that’s happening in the places that I’m interested in, so _for me_ that’s where I need to go.