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How to use Classification Functionality in Vendor Master


The goal of this Document is to provide overview of “Vendor Master Classification” Functionality .This Document covers the background & steps to activate the Vendor Master Classification.


There is often a Business need to classify the vendors for reporting & audit purposes. SAP provides standard Functionality in Vendor master to classify the Vendors according to Business needs.

The below is the path to maintain the Classification in the Vendor Master.

Vendor Master .jpg

Configuration steps for Vendor master Classification

We can utilize SAP Class & Method Functions to configure Vendor Master Classification.

For example the vendor master needs to be classified as “Type of Vendor” the same can be achieved  in following three steps

1)      1) Creation of Characteristics

Execute the Transaction CT04 & create characteristics as follows


1)      2) Creation of Class

Execute Transaction CL02 & Assign the characteristics VEN_TYPE in Class

The Class Type is 010 (Vendor Class)


1)      3) Assign the Characteristics in Vendor Master  

In this way we can maintain the Vendor Master Classification & reports can be extracted for  business needs.

  Assigning in Vendor master.jpg

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