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How to use Classification Functionality in Vendor Master


The goal of this Document is to provide overview of “Vendor Master Classification” Functionality .This Document covers the background & steps to activate the Vendor Master Classification.


There is often a Business need to classify the vendors for reporting & audit purposes. SAP provides standard Functionality in Vendor master to classify the Vendors according to Business needs.

The below is the path to maintain the Classification in the Vendor Master.

Vendor Master .jpg

Configuration steps for Vendor master Classification

We can utilize SAP Class & Method Functions to configure Vendor Master Classification.

For example the vendor master needs to be classified as “Type of Vendor” the same can be achieved  in following three steps

1)      1) Creation of Characteristics

Execute the Transaction CT04 & create characteristics as follows


1)      2) Creation of Class

Execute Transaction CL02 & Assign the characteristics VEN_TYPE in Class

The Class Type is 010 (Vendor Class)


1)      3) Assign the Characteristics in Vendor Master  

In this way we can maintain the Vendor Master Classification & reports can be extracted for  business needs.

  Assigning in Vendor master.jpg

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  • Hi Madhavan

    Thank you so much for the document it is really helpful. This is what I was looking for!

    Moreover, it would be really great if you could also give an example scenario on how this can be used, as I am a newbie in SAP MM and Logistics.

    Happy New Year, by the way!



    • I was searching for reports but then I can only find this can be acheived by custom report. You need to link multiple tables or use on BAPI to get the information.



      KSSK – Pass vendor number in Object (add preceding Zeros)  and class type ‘010’.

      KLAH – This will give the class

      KSML – give give more detals of vendor classification

      AUSP – Here pass the vendor number as the Object and the Internal char. from the previus table KSML and you will get the details.


      Vijay V

  • Hi Madhavan,
    we already use Vendor Classification in our Company, but now we have a policy issue.

    • Administration and Finance use XK01 (and 02, etc) to create the Vendor Master
    • Purchasing uses MK02 (and somethimes MK01) for their specific views

    Now we had an audit, and the consultant told that must be only AFC to create and modify each view on Vendor Master.

    Now, if Purchasing can’t modify Vendor Master, how can they use Classification by themselves?
    Is there any object related, to create a role/profile for Purchasing that allows only to create and modify Vendor Classification without creating and modifying Vendor Master?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Try using transaction CLMM.  I’m not sure about security but my guess is that security can limit use by specific class types.  ( I believe security object C_TCLA_BKA)

      In CLMM they can use “Set and change values” or “Assign values in Matrix” depending on number of values they need to change.


      • Hi Jurgen,

        I don’t need to maintain only the classification, I do neet to link that to the Vendor; so if AFC creates a Vendor only centrally via XK01, can Purchasing use the path Environment > Classification and edit classification for that Vendor, if they are not allowed to modify the Vendor (for example using MK02)?

        • try it in CL24N, I was able to maintain the classification of my vendor there.  I tested it before I added the reply.  To your question, the answer is no, they can only get the classification in change mode if they have authority for vendor master change, e.g .MK02.

          • Hi Jurgen..  Have you tried the CLMM transaction?  i just tested this in a prod system where I can’t edit a vendor.  But using CLMM I was able to get to the edit screen of the vendor classificatoin.  I didn’t try to save it for obvious reasons.  ­čśë    But it doesn’t appear I need vendor edit access in order to make a change to the vendor classification data.


  • Hi Colleagues,

    i have a question regarding the display of the Characteristics in the vendor master.

    As i can see from my tests, all the characteristics of all the classes are displayed in a “flat” list in one screen.

    So when a large number of classes with an even larger number of charactersitcs is used, the list of characteristics can get very long and confusing. Is there a way to maybe introduce different tabs in the characteristics table per class – and thus to split the characteristics?

    Thank you very much for your help!

  • Hello All,


    I want to configure same functionality but can i use it in Business partner S/4 system, If yes then is there any addition configuration needed?