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How to trace the Scheduled Date Changes of Production Order?

Dear Gurus,

I have a situation where the schedule date of a production order was changed (manually or automatically), does SAP keep a log of all changes pertaining to a production order? If so, where can I find this log?

Thank you very much!!!

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  • Hi

    Check whether OCM – order change management active in your system.

    If not check if change log is active in order type dependent parameters?

    If yes then you can see the change in dates in CDPOS and CDHDR tables in SAP R3.

    Check and revert back if you need more details.



    • Hi

      Use following path in IMG setting and activate the

      SPRO>Plant maintenence and customer service >Maintenence and service processing>Maintenence and service orders>Functions and settings for order types>Define change documents, collective PRs Indicator, operation no interval

      In this setting tick on change document indicator against the plant and order type combination you want to capture date changes.

      After this setting is done, then you change the dates. And you can search the changes in CDHDR table at order header level and in CDPOS table at the item or date level.

      Try this solution it works in your requirement and revert back.



  • Hello

    You can check the following note:

    390635 – Change documents for production and process order

    This note proposes an example of modification that can implemented to log the changes on the production orders and avoid this issue in the future.