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Track Log of Infotype Changes

To track the log of Infotype changes in employee data, we can make use of the program RPUAUD00. This gets the log changes of an employee.

Take the program ‘RPUAUD00’ via SE38 or Tcode : PC00_M16_UAUD and execute it.

The initial selection screen appears as such :


We have an option to select the Transaction class according to which infotypes ( categorized as Master, Application and all ). We also have an option to key in the  Personnel number or Infotype.

We can Sort the output based on the options in the Sort Order.

For the time being, we are selecting Long term documents and executing.

We get the result of Logged changes of all Infotype data with the user who changed it as follows :


Double clicking on a personnel number, it shows the field level changes for the Infotype as follows:


For example, in the above screen shot, it mentions that the Pay Scale type field value has been changed from the initial value to 01. Similarly we can get the set of fields for which the value has been changed.

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