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The New SCN: What’s in it For Your Reputation

May 2013 update:
SCN is now enhanced with extensive game mechanics! This is fun, this is driving engagement in the community!

The blog below contains outdated information, but we wanted to keep it on SCN for our avid readers who bookmarked it.

Please read the updated Reputation Program Overview and the Frequently Asked Questions documents, as well as Chip Rodgers’ blog to learn more about the reputation program now enhanced with gamification.


I hope you’re already liking the new SAP Community Network! More social, with communities orchestrated around your areas of interest and expertise, SCN offers great networking opportunities as well as innovative learning and knowledge sharing. It is the place where everyone goes to find quality content on SAP products and services. You engage on SCN and contribute content that will build and grow your reputation as an SAP Professional. Contribute quality content, connect with your peers, help others on SCN and the rest will follow.

I manage the SCN reputation program and because of all the recent changes with the introduction of the new SCN, I want to explain how they affect reputation aspects such as points and recognition, and how you can build and grow your reputation in the community (you may want to watch Jason Cao‘s video that summarizes key points).

Powerful networking

To me this is the strongest asset of the new SCN. If you are new to the community, what I’m going to say may convey nostalgia about how things used to be, but long-time members of the community know what I mean. We used to pick “favourite members” – British English in the text 😉 – to access their profiles easily.

Screen shot 2012-03-08 at 4.00.07 PM.png

That’s nothing compared to what the new site offers now: The ability to people and places (a place is a topic space, a group, etc.), an improved user profile with a consolidation of all the contributions, the option to browse for people, content and places. Direct message your friends, mention them using “@” anywhere, check out the Activity – Communications – Actions streams every time you log in to make sure you are on top of everything!

You could spend a lot of time on SCN if you wanted to, but don’t forget to also have a  life 😉

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 8.34.20 PM.png

Connect with the right people to make your engagement on SCN a fruitful one. Who are the right people? The Top Participants in your space, the Mentors who are active in your space, the people you admire and want to connect with to learn from them and share knowledge with them. Also follow the members of the SCN Team to be informed of what is going on.

New User Profile and Reputation Tab:

The new SCN user profile rocks. Period. It’s really the place to see someone’s contributions, connections, and achievements.

Your profile is your window to the community, so make sure you pick a good picture (see Patrick Flanders‘s blog with good tips) and display as much information as possible so that people get to know you better. Go to “Edit Profile & Privacy” and select “everyone” in the tab “Privacy Settings” to show your information to your peers.

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 10.08.06 PM.png

The reputation tab of your profile is your own Hall of Fame. It shows your status, your points and badges. My goal for 2012 is to make it nicer, and to show more achievements –  not just in terms of points.

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 10.50.36 PM.png

Points & Active Contributor status:

Old SCN: Lifetime points. Points in the last 12 months rolling. Active Contributor status.

New SCN:

All your  SCN points were migrated to the new platform: your lifetime points remain, as well as your points in the last 12 months. You keep your Active Contributor status if you have 250 points and more in the last 12 months.

Note: Migrated points show without many details in the reputation tab. This is normal, more details will show as you accrue new points for content in the new spaces.

Your lifetime points show in your user profile (reputation tab):

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 8.46.52 PM.png

You can also browse by people depending on their lifetime points:

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 9.00.25 PM.png

Your points in the last 12 months rolling show in the masthead…

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 8.48.23 PM.png

… in your user profile (reputation tab)…

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 8.46.41 PM.png

… and when you hover over a name:

Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 8.51.09 PM.png

Point assignment is  different in the new SCN: Points are assigned automatically for all new contributions and apart from wiki contributions, there are no points for edits. In addition to the points you get automatically, you get additional “feedback points” given by the community. The community is the best judge in deciding what content is valuable, therefore it has a stronger voice now via the “like”, “share” and “rating” buttons.

All previous content of a user can be seen in the Content tab of the user profile. But the point history is currently 10 lines in the user profile’s reputation tab. We are reviewing options to display more in the future.

Each space consists of a point category. This is great news for you because you get to accrue points in a category that really reflects your level of expertise. You now have an opportunity to shine.


The Active Contributor badge (bronze, silver, gold, platinum) lives on. SAP employees and SCN Moderators continue to show their respective badges. We are working to add more badges to the SCN.


Previous leaderboards such as the “Find the Expert” page, the list of contributors and the list of contributing companies are no longer to be found in the new SCN. We are looking at ways to share detailed leaderboards that will present the right information to you. Because of the drastically new structure of SCN, we need to think about all the options and design the best leaderboards for such a large community with 2+ million members and over 2,000 active contributors each year.


Active Contributors get an e-mail each time they reach a certain level (bronze, silver, gold or platinum). And a badge.

Content gets to be recognized by the Community itself: by liking and rating blogs, documents, discussion threads, the community helps feature quality content prominently. Use your voting power responsibly!

The brand new Top Participant widget gives visibility to the 5 people who have contributed the most (last 12 months points) in each community. The list can be extended to 10 names.  This widget gives well deserved recognition, and everyone can get an idea of the top contributors to follow in the space.


Screen shot 2012-03-11 at 9.58.58 PM.png

The Member of the Month recognition is also a new addition. Every month, SCN Space Editors and Moderators can nominate someone and a decision is then made by the SCN Team. The Member of the Month is an active member of SCN who shows exemplary behavior and provides quality content. We want the whole community to know what they should aspire to, and to get to know the person who is honored each month on the SCN Home Page. Read Jeanne Carboni‘s blog announcing the initiative.

We used to recognize SCN Topic Leaders each year in August and at SAP TechEd in the Fall. Topic Leaders were the top 3 contributors in each of the 43 point categories over a 12-month period. Now that each space consists of a point category, we have roughly 400 point categories. The Topic Leader recognition needs to change since we can’t have 1,200 topic leaders, that would be way too much and wouldn’t make sense. I’m thinking of ways to group categories together and highlight the best contributors in an intelligent way. Suggestions are welcome!

Are you excited about the new opportunities? Please share your thoughts and feedback by commenting!

Laure Cetin is a member of the SCN Collaboration Team and is responsible for the SCN Reputation Program.

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  • Hi Laure, Nice to see so many " Good" changes !

    Congratulations to you and your team  !!!

    Just one Query : In ERP QM forum I could see 12 March 2012  questions followed by 1 Feb 2012  questions.

    Is it that I am looking in different way ?

  • This is much-needed information on how to build reputation in the new SCN.  Also nice to see a refresh and re-thinking of the points / reputation program.

  • Hi, Laure.

    I'd like to say Thank You to all of you who're involved in New SCN launching. You all doing really amazing job!! Also I like new way of building of a reputation much better then previous one. It's going to be easier to build it and I hope more and more great, really great contributors will come to SCN.

    I have a question actually. In this blog post you've stated that there are no points for wiki edits, are there? But in Contributor Reputation Program FAQ there is an info that two points will still be granted for edit or updates. So where is the correct info?

    • Hi Andrei,

      Wiki edits are the exception, they do get points. This is what I meant with:

      "apart from wiki contributions, there are no points for edits"

      Let me know if that wasn't clear, so that I can ... hum ... edit my blog.

      Thanks for reading!

    • Good catch. Thanks Tobias! I've just changed the url.

      It's true, the redirect is not working well, I was made aware of this myself last week.



  • This is regarding Topic leader recognition. Since we make changes globally , I want to provide one suggestion. Can we consider leaders who maintain platinum award throughout the year (keeping consistency all the times) and more points for the last twelve months?

    • Hello Baskar,

      Thank you for the suggestion, I'll think about it as I work to enhance SCN reputation with more badges later this year.


  • Got impressed on the new fresh look of SCN, and regarding suggestions on Topic leader, I would say you can group all the existing category to the main 43 category which was considered before, that is the best approach.

      • Hello Jansi and Michal,

        I need to look at our new taxonomy and see if it wouldn't be too difficult. It would be a manual effort but that's not what I'm afraid of, I just want to make sure that we are fair and can track points in what used to be the old point categories, I need to check which ones were split into several ones.

        Will get back to you here. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts.


  • Hi Laure,

    Great to know about the new reputation program 🙂

    I have a query here. Would this mean the points we accrued in the old SDN space will not be considered in the new SCN for identifying the top participants in the new SCN?



    • Hello Leon,

      Are you talking about the topic leaders? Those recognized in August and at TechEd? As I said to Michal and Jansi above, I need to look into this. I was hoping we would start from scratch, but it seems people don't want to see a change in the middle of the "contest" year and I totally understand.

      Stay tuned, I'll follow up in this blog.


  • Hi Laure,

    Does this mean that we will no longer have the "Top Contributing Companies" section, because I read your blog which has very good details about the point systems in new SCN, leader boards etc but there is nothing about the contributing companies. Do we have an ETA on the same or is it not going to be there anymore?

    Regards, Joe

    • Hello Joe,

      The list of top contributors and top companies are also leaderboards, so yes in my blog I meant that they were no longer available at the moment, but that we're working to introduce new and better leaderboards later this year.

      Your comment made me realize that I needed to be more precise and explicit in my blog, so I'll edit the paragraph about the leaderboards. Thank you!

  • Hello Laure!

    Guess it's been quite rushy there for you all!! But I would like to say it's worth the results we see from here...

    Reputation is something I have wandered about here in SCN, together with a group of nice fellows in a blog of mine dealing with Experts' Rates. I had the pleasure t discuss with a rich variety of professionals, Jeanne Carboni is included 🙂 . Here's the link:

    I had been using SCN for its philosophy of Customer Reference for Capable Professionals. Through the (now broken) link I showed my customers that I had a good reputation in the Entity which is to be considered the Top One for them, in terms of referral. I hardly climbed to the 5th and recently 4th position of the Brazil Portuguese channel.

    Still, to show that I believe in this Reputation program, it also fits one of my ideas in the Idea Place for the relation between Agencies and Consultants: read above that the Top Contributors will appear in the Top Participant Wdiget, but I could not reach it while surfing SCN. Could you provide the pathway, please? Such pathway was easily found in the Old Home Page (Find the Expert), maybe it could remain there, because makes it easier to the customers. Here in Brazil, not very often the customer dominates English, so navigating too much will be hard for them.

    I ask you such thing because, some waves are to come. One of them, actually the biggest, is the immigration from countries in Europe to the emergent countries, like Brazil. How could European companies find the right professional for them when they don't know the location, language, local agencies...? SAP SCN would be the perfect place!! And, finding this link easier would be even less time wasting.

    I, myself, make part of a group of professionals in Brazil/Italy which helps companies from Italy and their partners during this immigration process. In my case, most of them have SAP in their headquarters and will need Brazilian Localization adjustments to their system.

    Here in Brazil, we use Professional Referral and testimonials as something nice to receive from previous employers or customers. But I know in USA it sounds not so nice.

    Sorry for the long comment... I was trying to make myself as clear as possible! 😳

    In case I can help you during the building of the reputation program, please feel free to contact me at any time!

    Thanks a lot for your patience! Have a Nice Easter!

    • Hello Alexandre,

      I know your name because last year, while I was on maternity leave, Jeanne Carboni and other colleagues forwarded me your ideas from Idea Place. I've been reading them regularly in the last few months because they raise good questions and I want to think about them carefully. I'm working on a project at the moment and I think you could help. I'm not putting business requirements together yet, that's why I haven't reached out to you so far, but I think we should start our conversation now. I'll DM you to try and find a time to talk next week, if you are available.

      Happy Easter to you too!
      Talk to you soon,

  • Hi Laure,

    Regarding the Topic Leader programme: I believe changing the rules of play would be painful for all those contributors working hard to become Topic Leaders for more than 8 months by now. So if you ask for my opinion - here it is: keep calculating points as usually and award Topic Leaders in the old categories, adding the points from old SDN and corresponding categories of the new one.

    In case the revolution is inevitable - there is still some time to prepare it and announce it in advance for the forthcoming Topic Leader "season".


      • Hello Vinit,

        The list of top companies and top contributors is no longer available in the new SCN. A redirect links to this blog to explain why the change. See my other comments here.

        Best regards,


        • Hi Laure,

          Understand that the list of top companies and top contributors is no longer available in the new SCN at this point of time.

          Wish to know if it is likely to be introduced at a later date and if so tentatively by what date?


          • Hi Kishore,

            Yes I can confirm we'll introduce more leaderboards in the future, but it's difficult for me to commit on a date as I am just in planning mode at the moment. I hope that this will be in 2012.


          • Hi Laure,

            Speaking about the planned deadlines: do you already know when can we expect clarification on the Topic Leader programme? Time is runnning fast, current Topic Leader "season" is coming to an end, and still we do not know if and how Topic Leaders will be awarded this year. Can we expect an update on this anytime soon?



          • Hi Grzegorz,

            I heard your and Michal Krawczy's concerns. They are totally justified and indeed I think it is fair to not change the rules of the contest right in the middle-end of it. There are difficulties that I'm currently looking at:

            - getting the report for the points received in the "old" point categories in the old SCN (August 1, 2011 to March 10, 2011)

            - figuring out the new taxonomy and how it relates to the old categories

            - get reports on the points by space that match the old categories best

            This is what I intend to do. And because I'm persistent I will do my best and more to get this done, even if it means a lot of manual work. Most important is for me to get the information from IT. If needed I will ask my management to help me and get the information I need to get this done by end of July for the August announcement.

            I will publish a blog, hopefully tomorrow, to give an update to the community.

            Thank you and Michal for expressing your concerns here, and making me realize - again (I know it already) how important this is for you.



          • hi Laure,

            thank you for considering user requests

            >>>- figuring out the new taxonomy and how it relates to the old categories

            hopefully mentors will get back soon and we will have it in full or at least in some percentage - please have a look


            if there's anyway we can help with old/new reports please fill free to contact me

            (I'm not an Excel Genie but I can do a few things 🙂

            Thank you,


          • Hi Laure,

            Thanks for the update and for the good news 🙂 . I think the Wiki created by Michal to be filled in by Mentors could be a nice starting point for further steps. And although I am not a Mentor, also let me know if there is anything I could do to help.



  • Thanks Laure for your informative blog.

    The list of top company and top contributors with company wise and topic wise breakup of points would be a good inclusion to the new SCN. Company wise breakup gives a good analysis. Even Intra company breakup encourage more contribution to the SCN.

    I am sure many of us will certainly appreciate the inclusion of above mentioned breakup.

    Thanks & Best Regards,


  • Hi Laure, I need to ask you (or someone from your team) about the medal's reputation.

    For example in this screenshot: (Sorry, I try to upload it to this comment, and I can't do it 🙁 )

    Anton, had got 285 point of reputation in the last 12M. Ok, but if he ceases to contribute to the SCN, the site will remove the bronze medal to this user?

    I wonder if once the community gives the medal to the user, then you can take it away because he is not contributing to SCN site anymore (at last 12m). Can you understand me?

    If it were the case, I consider it unfair.



    • Hello Osvaldo,

      Yes, if you stop contributing on SCN and go down below the level of Active Contributor (250 points in the last 12 months), the medal is taken away from your profile. I think this is fair, because this is an indicator of how active someone is, and if the person is no longer active, then there is no reason to show the badge. Also, things are moving fast in the software world and it's fair to think that people have to be up to date on new technologies, new products, etc.  By contributing they share their knowledge, this is the only way to see that they are experts.

      Points fluctuate within a 12-month period, but lifetime points always accrue and you can see them in your user profile, in the reputation tab.

      We are looking to introduce more badges on SCN, so stay tuned!
      Best regards,


      • Hi Laure, One question about lifetime points - while moving to new SCN did we miss migrating points from old S uers id (if one has had an old id)..for example before new SCN I had 1900+ points (because i had an old SUSER id and my points were migrated to my current one) but now in new SCN I can only see points accrued against my new ID only i.e. 500+. Any idea if we are are going to correct this thing.

        Thanks a lot for continuous improvement of SCN.



        • Hi Yogesh,

          Yes: When we launched the new SCN all members had their points migrated to the new SCN. Lifetime points were all migrated for each single user (S user, P user etc) and 12-month rolling points continued accruing the way they were, as if "nothing had happened".

          I'm not sure about how many users you had in the old SCN and now in the new SCN. There are several options that are presented to you:

          - Before the launch you consolidated all you user IDs into a single one, as well as the points. In the new SCN you continue contributing with this one single user ID - you basically activated this ID on the new SCN, you didn't create a brand new ID.

          - You had multiple user IDs in the old SCN. You created a new user ID in the new SCN and started accumulating points from scratch (you're at ~500 now, is this what happened?)

          I think best is to email and tell them all about your user IDs and see if they need to consolidate some IDs so that you can recover your previous points. I think, though, that there is currently a technical issue with consolidating user IDs, so you may need to be patient.

          I hope I helped, please do not hesitate to comment here again and clarify this for me.



          • Hi Laure,

                          we want to see our last one year contribution points and status for every space like that of last year. Since we have only a month to complete this year topic leader recognition program, we are eagerly waiting to see that consolidated page.



    • Hi M. Tibollo.

      You can see this feature if you click on button browser .. next to create button and below Activity button. Then you can filter by lifetime points.

      IMO, I would like too this option for each SAP Group.



  • Hi Laure,

    I have two IDs, one personal and one from my Organization. I would like to mergethe points from both the IDs. How do i do it? Who do i approach? Could you direct me to right forum, team or person?


  • Hi Laure,

    Is there any place, article or blog from where i will get the details of how much points i will be earning for each of the activity like posting a blog, sharing a correct or helpful answer, adding a white paper etc?



  • Hello,

    is there a way to list ALL points gained in 2012 (or any specific period), like the old forum, where you could select the points range?

    Thanks and best regards from Brasil!

    Tomas Black

  • Hi Laure,

    Its mentioned here that those who achieve status of active contributor get an email notification. I achieved Silver status but did not get any email, though I got a mail when I had achieved Bronze status. Are the emails no longer sent?

    • Adarsh, as it is said in several places on SCN, the emails were discontinued due to the introduction of gamification, but we're working to bring them back.

      Please note the opening paragraph I wrote at the beginning of this blog, it explains that this is information that is some part still valid, but some part outdated due to the introduction of missions and badges in April this year.