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Step by Step – Triggering of Events for Workflow upon Exception raise from LIS

Triggering of Events for Workflow  upon Exception raise from LIS

Event can be trigger from LIS Exception also. The step by step procedure is described below.

Scenario: Triggering of events upon  Gross orders Value greater than ZERO and when Sales organisation is 1000.

First go to transaction MCY1                   


Then click on Characteristics -> Choose Characteristics and select ‘Sales Organisation’ to selection criteria. Look at the following  Screen .



Then click on  Character value   following screen will appear.


Then copy.

Then click on Requirement-> Choose Key figure. Select Gross Order to selection criteria. Look at the following screen.


Then click  on Define Key Figure

See Gross Value > 0.


Then Continue.

Then click on Follow up Processing. Then check Active for Periodic  Analysis and As ind records.


Then Save and exit from MCY1.

To see the event is triggered you have to switch on the event trace using SWELS.


Then close that window.

To raise exception you have to set the Exception ZANJ1 to background job . For this use Transaction MCYB. w

Then go to menu click  Periodic Analysis-> Create



Then select  Event Driven. Then click on Create. A variant window will open . Give name z2. Then create.


Select for Individual Selection screen.


Then click on Attributes.



Save it.

Back to main screen . Select Periodic Analysis -> Schedule.


Then Click on Schedule.           


Then click on Immediate . Select Periodic Job. Click on Periodic Values. Select Other Values. Set 1 minutes.


Then Save it and back to the main screen.

Then click on Overview. You can see your job is schedule.


And then exit from MCYB.

Then go to AWUW. Click Change. Click on New Entries.


Then Give LIS Exception Name, Your Business Object and Event name. And set Event Linkage Active.


Save it.

Then go to transaction VA01.

Give Sales Organisation = 1000


Press Enter.

Then fill the required entry. And Order Quantity value must be grater than Zero . And save the Sales order. A sales order will be created. w


Then go to SWEL. Click on Execute.


You will see your event trigger automatically.

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