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Go to the URL to land directly on to the SDN forums.

1. Choose the appropriate space (formerly know as forum) for your question by following the menu path as shown below:


2(a): On the overview screen choose Start a discussion for your question as shown below:


2(b): If you’re on the content page, it is located on the left side:


3: In the editor you may use the following features mentioned in the screenshot below:

Make use of as many features as possible like screenshots, data files etc., to make your question descriptive, so that the person answering your question does not have to guess all the possible combinations.


As a last note, if you solved your own question please contribute to the community by posting what exactly was wrong with your system configuration and/or how you arrived at the solution and the solution itself.

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    1. Former Member

      Hi jeevan

      Really man you have given” Jeevan” to all other SCN  User’s

      really appreciate your effort. Because many of us struggling a lot to find the proper navigation to reach the required page



      1. SAP HCM Consultant

        hi jeevan ,

        how to trigger mail if any reply or create a tread in sdn, in old sdn it was comming now in the new it is not trigerring notification , plz guide.


        1. Jeevan Sagar Post author

          In addition to what Jürgen mentioned, click on your user name on the very top of the page and click Preferences and in the General Preferences make sure the radio button Everything in my communications page is on.

  1. Monst Yang


         How to find the previous questions posted before the new format forum?It seems I cann’t see my previous questions posted in this forum…thanks..

    1. Former Member


      Nice document and thanks for putting this together.


      When you login you will see your name at the top centre of the page. Click on your name and it will display various tabs and one of them is “Content”. You should be able to see your activities here also as well in the “Activity” tab.



  2. Former Member

    hi jeevan,

    Thanks for the creen shots but i cannot see this fig1 options.

    After giving it is going to anyways at last i got fig2.

    But it is waiting for the approval.let me check whether it works or not.Coz earlier it doesn’t work(it has cancelled).

    1. Jürgen L

      just click the getting started hyperlink on top right of the forum page. in the overview you can find the most important documnets, among them a document explaining the setup of notifications


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