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SAP User Dashboard in 60 seconds

I’ll keep this short, direct and simple. When a user logs in to SAP, I want to discuss how we can build a Dashboard that shows the very functions users want to execute. Technically, we can achieve this in about 60 seconds with GuiXT.

The goal is to make the user feel comfortable with the environment as soon as he’s logged in. The analogy he should get is more like his Desktop screen, where he himself has organized his application shortcuts and file shortcuts for quick access. Or his mobile-phone screen, if you will…


  1. Get the T-codes/processes that the user accesses on a regular basis
  2. Get the relative priority of use (most frequent to least) from the user
  3. Get the term for each process that users will understand the best
  4. Using GuiXT, change the first screen such that there are array of Pushbuttons (arranged in priority) that execute the particular transaction or report as programmed

NOTE: The Pushbutton on Dashboard can be programmed to do some more complicated work or access Desktop functionality or documents, but that’s a separate advanced discussion – we’ll cover it later. 


  • User will not have to remember/type the specific T-codes
  • User will have easy-to-understand 1-click buttons to jump to their processes

NOTE: This will ensure some time saving as well as lesser chances of errors.


Sample code:


File modified: saplsmtr_navigation.e0100.txt

File content (Strictly a sample):

// Clear the screen
// Add new title
title "Welcome to User Dashboard"
// Add all function buttons
Pushbutton (2,1) "Create Sales Order" "/nva01" size="2"
Pushbutton (2,35) "Post Goods Issue" "/nvl01n" size="2"
Pushbutton (5,1) "Check ABC Report" "/nzabc" size="2"
Pushbutton (5,35) "Read Sales Document" "/0" process="sales.txt" size="2"


Watch this space as we make progress into how to simplify beyond the start-screen of SAP, using GuiXT power. 

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      Author's profile photo Gomatheeswaran Palaniappan
      Gomatheeswaran Palaniappan

      Interesting info.  It will be really helpful if you also give a link to learn the scripting language.

      Author's profile photo Vishal Mehta
      Vishal Mehta
      Blog Post Author

      Thanks for reading in. You can access the entire documentation on the site: with plenty of examples. Another resource to get answers to specific issues is GuiXT Yahoo Groups.

      I myself am a certified consultant on GuiXT in case you want to get some assistance directly. All the best.

      Author's profile photo Gomatheeswaran Palaniappan
      Gomatheeswaran Palaniappan

      Thanks a lot 🙂

      Author's profile photo Vishal Mehta
      Vishal Mehta
      Blog Post Author

      Hey Gomatheeswaran,

      Hope you and team are doing well in grasping the concepts of GuiXT and applying the same. Let me know if you need someone to point you in the right direction.