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How to address the failed transport request issue after Enhancement pack upgrade specifically on NetWeaver BW [EhP1 to EhP2].

Transport request [ which contains Transformations &DTP] failed after EHP Upgrade specifically on NetWeaver BW [from Ehp1 to Ehp2]. The error message was shown below.

Message details:

Short Text    

Error R7 105 during after import handling of objects

Relevant SAP notes:

SAP released a Note: 1266603, which addresses the same issue but it is not applicable for higher SP levels [versions].


Found there are only “T” [OBJVERS] version exist on system for FORMULA when checking the transformations.

To fix this Inconsistency:

1)      Delete all formulas from the transformation, by using the method explained below :

Log on to SE11 and note down the details like Rule ID/Trans ID from the table “RSTRANSTEPROUT”

2)      Log on to SE24 –> select object type as “CL_RSTRAN_STAT” –> Execute -> select DELETE_RULE_FROM_DB –> execute–> Provide the values like Trans ID/Rule ID and other parameters which are taken from table “RSTRANSTEPROUT” –> Execute.

The specific entries [ T version] will be deleted from the table “RSTRANSTEPROUT”.

3) Create a new transport request for the Transformation, with the option “only necessary objects” in the transport connection. This should add the formulas to the new  transport request.

4) Inconsistencies will be taken care with the above process and transport request will be success without any issues.

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