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How easy to explain concept with the help of Picture/Figure

Here I am trying to explain some basic concepts in SAP Payroll with the help of a simple picture/figure.


Please go through the below given picture/figure




Got any clue……..


The bottom one big box representing infotype 0008 .


Basic pay infotype which is having a constraint 1 ,so there should be no  gaps and one record only you can able to maintain. It required boundaries, a start date and an end date.


Now can you able to guess what the second level boxes are…..

The second level boxes representing infotype 0014.


This infotype continuity is not  mandatory, gaps between records is allowed and you can record more than one record ( components ). It also required boundaries, a start date and end date.


Now come to the circles inside the boxes.


It representing IT0015 additional payment. It have no boundaries , no start date and end date. But it required a date of origin. You can record multiple records at a time.

Even though it doesn’t have boundaries you can only able to process this with normal payroll, you can only able to process this along with IT0008 and IT0014.


The  circles on the top.


It representing IT0267 Additional Off-Cycle Payments. It required a payment date and a reason.   You can process it any time depending up on the payment date.

You can able to maintain multiple record on the same date and process it together.

But there is some conditions for it, the payroll control status must be in Exit state for the previous period,and you have maintain the same payment date and reason while processing it .


I believe I tried in a better way to narrate to explain 4 important Infotypes related to Payroll.



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