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SAP HANA & RAMSAN – Questions running in my mind

I am writing this blog after just reading one line description of HANA.

“HANA” is essentially a database that utilizes in-memory technology.

I am sure; HANA should be definitely offering much more that this one line description.

I don’t get the line correctly. In-memory computing, what does that mean to me?

Have we not been doing computing in memory so far?

Does it mean the entire database is in Memory? You mean RAM…right?


If no, why not?

It is possible. Servers with 198 GB RAM is common with several of SAP customers.


If yes, that’s cool. Then why all this hype with HANA?

Solid State Disks are decade old technology.


Check below link; this is a 10 TB SLC Flash storage, with 1,000,000 IOPS (10 GB/s) random speed.

Of course, I don’t know the correct price though. I am expecting a 10TB RAMSAN should cost something like USD 500K

There is no need of TBs of RAMSAN. It can be implemented in such a way that highly accessed Data can be kept on RAMSAN and less accessed data moved to SAN.

I am assuming this may be the same scene with HANA implementation; that highly accessed Data are kept in-memory HANA engine.

Somewhere I read that SAP’s current approach to licensing HANA is based on the amount of data processed. This should also not come cheap.

To my surprise I did not hit even a single article in SDN about RAMSAN.

Will SAP HANA outperform RAMSAN?

Or SAP HANA costs significantly less than RAMSAN?

Can we put HANA on RAMSAN and get fastest database on the planet?

Someone rightly said “Its petabyte age”. “Biggest” and “Fastest” are relative terms.

Administering the biggest and fastest database on earth may be a rollercoaster ride!

One of my customer asks “When google can search multi billions pages and brings me results in a second, why not our SAP ECC box?”

All I say is: Let’s buy google 🙂


Experts, please throw some light !

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  • Hi Muniraju,

    When you’re comparing the RamSan-630 vs. HANA, you should know that the RamSan costs significantly less than your estimate.

    We custom build each one based on your needs, so you’d have to request a quote to get your exact price. But even for a fully loaded system with every bell and whistle possible, you’d be hard pressed to hit $500k.

    If you’re interested in a quote, you can get one here:

    Robbie Stevens
    TMS Marketing

  • “I am writing this blog after just reading one line description of HANA. “HANA” is essentially a database that utilizes in-memory technology.”

    I think you need to read more.

    Graham Robbo

  • Hi Muniraju,

    did you check yet? there is a lot of introductory material there. another differentiator for HANA is the columnar storage which allows a better compression than the traditional row store.
    IMHO, in terms of performance, anything taking more than 5 sec will not keep users at their computer screens.
    in terms of google, HANA is on the other side of the spectrum.