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Perfect Landing page for Solution Manager

This blog entry is inspired by the information found
in this blog Embed an HTML landing page into your SAP GUI home screen
and this thread Embedding an HTML landing page into your SAP GUI home screen on SDN-forum.

In here I will focus on some internal SAP functions in Solution Manager to create a perfect landing page for the canvas area.

In our Solution Manager system we have created and maintained all Solution Manager documentation in a project. We have also linked these documents using anonymous logon to read these documents.

When a user is logging on to the system the user is presented with a landing page using parameter SESS_URL in table SSM_CUST.

The question is how I can administrate a simple, yet easy and good looking page.

Using WYSIWYG tools we can create nice web-pages. The entry level is quite high to administrate. And we also need a web-server to host the pages.

Using notepad coding html-pages is even harder and is not an option.

Best option would be to have some kind of CMS-tool with WYSIWYG design. Word press blog should form a good base. But then we still need a separate web server.

If we explore the internal functions of SAP NetWeaver we have web servers in many places. The difficulty level is still quite high since we need to know model-view-controller if we want to create web-dynpros. Creating BSPs are difficult as well.

If we could use Visual Composer or any other generating tool?


Then we found the Learning Map.


This can be used to create an easy-maintained web-page to hold necessary information for the html-page in the canvas.

In order to use the learning map we need all necessary documents to be hosted within a project or a solution in the Solution Manager system.

Start transaction SOLAR_LEARNING_MAP

Press Create and Enter parameters. Switch between solution and project with the button on the right (which for me displays in half with no texts or icons).



Now we prepare the Header.


First deselect the Display Feedback Buttons in Learning Map.


Then select Learning Map Header


Enter text that is to appear in the header area.


Press Save and then “Open in Web Browser” to see the result.


Now to the text in the Chapters

We will create the following structure

  • Instructions
    • Normal Change
    • Emergency Change

  • Contact Information
    • System Owner
    • Development Department

  • FAQ
    • Change Request Management
    • Maintenance Optimizer

Press Save and then “Open in Web Browser” to see the result.


Now we will enter some Documents and some texts in the areas.

Select which node we enter document in.

I Select Normal Change and then the refresh button in the mid section of the canvas area.

Either Select document and press Assign Document (assuming you have selected a node in the left menu. The other option is to drag and drop the documents into the relevant node.


Now I have added text into System Owner area and added two links.



Press Save and then “Open in Web Browser” to see the result.


Finally we have to enter the URL into the SESS_URL parameter in table SSM_CUST.

Then we get a final result looking like.


Good luck with your own landing page.

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  • Hi Frederik, I am experiencing that as of SSM7.1 SP10 it is no longer possible to use HTML formatting in the header text. Do you have similar experiences? Or does you have a solution/workaround for enabling HTML-support in SSM Learning Maps? Regards Dino