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Using Dynamic Actions to Provide Default Values from Planned Working Time to Basic Pay

Maintaining personnel records is essential to get a clear picture of employment in your organization. Well maintained records are also essential to the operation of every Human Resources department.  Employees tasked with entering personnel information into Personnel Administration need to understand the effects of their data entry on various processes that read and require accurate master data.

When a person is hired, infotypes are created during a personnel action. A hiring action is fully configurable but should include infotype 0007 Planned Working Time and infotype 0008 Basic Pay.  These infotypes are critical to the function of many Human Capital Management applications (even if your organization is not using SAP Time Management and/or SAP Payroll.)  Planned Working Time tells the system when the employee should be at work and how time evaluation will be used in regards to the employee. This planned time is critical when determining how to treat actual entered times. The infotype also gives us estimated work hours per period and employment percentage.

During a hiring action values from work hours per period (MOSTD) and employment percentage (EMPCT) are defaulted onto Basic Pay into the fields for capacity utilization level (BSGRD) and work hours per period (DIVGV).  Not all changes to Planned Working Time happen during a personnel action however it is important to reflect those changes to infotype 0007 onto infotype 0008 for the relevant fields.

 Basic Pay uses working hours per period and capacity utilization level to prorate payments during payroll processing.  An employee may have a Basic Pay change in the middle of a pay period and the payroll will need to factor/prorate the salary for the exact dates associated with the changes. This process happens in payroll subschema UAL0. For more information on this process please refer to HR400 Payroll Configuration.

We can implement a dynamic action to default values from Planned Working Time to Basic Pay. Use transaction code SM30 to access table T588Z and make the following entries. (Note: This configuration can also be accessed by opening the Implementation Guide (IMG) and following the path to Personnel Management> Personnel Administration> Customizing Procedures> and Dynamic Actions.)




 For more information on IT0007 and IT0008, please refer to HR305 Configuration of Master Data and HR306 Configuration of Time Recording. Visit SAP Education for course schedules.

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