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SAP at EclipseCon 2012, March 26 – 29

SAP is present at EclipseCon 2012 US in Reston, Virginia, March 26 – 29, with the following sessions:

A Modular and Extensible OSGi Shell

Equinox shell is dead, long live Equinox shell!
Equinox has always had a default command line console – a very limited one actually. You’ve certainly faced this if you ever had to deal with a customer system with a telnet-only connection. And what about ssh? So far that was just a dream. Things are changing… and that’s the focus of this talk.


Gemini Web feat. Gemini Naming or Injecting OSGi Services the Java EE Way

You want to build dynamic and modular Web Applications and you’ve already chosen OSGi to achieve the modularity. Now you also want to take benefits of using the OSGi services, while still using the standard Java EE way of dependency injection. We’ve got good news for you!


A path to modularity with Eclipse Virgo

Join us to see Virgo on the modularity path! Your own flavor of Virgo could be built on the fly with only those features you really need. Let us introduce Virgo Nano – our smallest offering which brings the long-awaited p2 support and initial provisioning to Virgo. Don’t need a server but you’ve heard of some cool internal Virgo features which you would love to have in your product?


News from Git in Java Land

Curious what’s new in the Java Git ecosystem? Want to know more about the state of Git in the ALM space?

What’s new with JGit and EGit 1.2 shipping right before the new year and what is planned for the 1.3 release with Indigo SR2?

We’ll demo some of the new features and give an outlook on the Juno release next summer.


The Git Tutorial

Eclipse and many other open source projects are moving to Git, CVS will be retired by the end of 2012, are you prepared? Want to learn Git and use it within Eclipse? Or you already work with Git since a while and don’t know how to use some of the more advanced concepts?

Well then this tutorial is made for you!


Eclipse right through (RT) the Clouds

Ever wondered what the runtime in the Eclipse RT projects is good for? For those of you who have managed to find that out – have you found any relation between EclipseRT and the recently hyped clouds?

We’ll show you how to use popular EclipseRT technologies (like Eclipse Virgo and Gemini) and integrate them with other popular open source technologies to achieve a cloud-like environment in your backyard/basement.


Building eclipse plugins and RCP applications with Tycho

This tutorial provides an introduction to Tycho and firsthand experience in how to use Tycho to build Eclipse plugins and RCP applications.

 Tycho provides Maven plugins and tools for building OSGi bundles and other Eclipse artifacts. 

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