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Unquote Natascha Thomson’s YouTube video on the Social Media Strategy Basics – Step 1

Most of you  should really appreciate the effort that @nathomson put together to get the #SAP  Social Media Week #SMW12 the hash tag has got all the traffic of the great ideas  exchanged during those sessions. You can also read her fine content oriented  consolidation of the #SMW12 event on her professional real-estate at

Also don’t  forget to click and tune into her latest post that happens to be a great content  container for how to mine most from the replays, if you have not been lucky to  tune in person, or over the twitter stream.

Like always  I never loose the elite opportunity to unquote her video for those that are  looking to graduate in their Social Media learning curve. In this video Natascha  talks about how to build your Social Media strategy by taking baby steps without  being intimidated by what’s out there.

Stop at  various time-stamps of this video to learn more from this introductory series  Part 1

0:11 Get Ready  for the basic tips on how to get ready to craft a Social Media Strategy for  yourself

0:24 Peoples  concern often on wanting to be on the #Social platforms but struggling with  time

0:30 Adding  Channels to your marketing mix obviously takes sometime

0:42 Think about  Social Media being an additional platform to engage with your target  audience

0:54 This could  be time-intensive but will work more effectively from tools like e-mail or other  push marketing maneuvers

1:21 Pick /  Choose the right tools that you can get savvy with Ex Twitter, LinkedIn  discussions, Blogging, Facebook Fan page, comments etc

1:32 Derive your  business objectives & strategize a marketing objective from them, Marketing  objectives are a sub-set of your business objectives

2:13 Categorize  your awareness shout-outs based on target audience, topic, objective

2:25  Identification of the right community Technical / Business / other is key to  help crowd-source and mine traffic

2:49 Lastly  Segmentation is key to #Social Media engagement, so be savvy about what you  choose and whom you choose

2:51 Participate  & be the driving force

Follow  Natascha Thomson on her professional Blog at

Follow her  on twitter at @nathomson

If #SAP as a  brand flaunts you and if you want to know where the term #Social makes the right  mix with #SAP, then the following blogs below from Natascha are a must read and  I recommend them

Blog  Links

…More to come from Natascha Thomson, tune-in..

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  • Tridip:

    thank you for making my video content look so good. You are a magician and I so appreciate your kindness to take the time to help promote the value and strategy of social media.

    I owe you,


    • Hi Natascha,
      You are a mentor that leads from the front and very iconic to honing me in the direction of Social media mashed with SAP.
      Its always a great pleasure for me to step-up and unquote whatever content you generate so that folks are able to tune into your time-line understand and put to work: all the learning that they consume from your thought leadership.
      All that I can say is keep them coming and we will shout you out: LOUD