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Learn Using SAP Community’s Rich Expert Content

SAP Community Network is the social network for SAP professionals. It has over 200,000 assets help you to find answers, solve challenges and boost your knowledge. We know that learning is one of the most popular reasons for users to visit Here’s what members say about it:

“…everyone cannot know everything and in SAP there are enough things to learn till the end of your career. It is only the will to do it that is required…SCN is a great source to start...” – Ravishankar Ramamurthy

SCN is the first choice of all SAP Expert and beginner. Through SCN where beginners gain their knowledge and preparing great career and expert is sharing their experiences” – Raheem Baksh

SCN had been the main resource for me as a consultant, add a lot of value for me to help me serve my clients better” – Ying Sun


Here are four major learning tools that we encourage you to explore to GET STARTED…

  1. eLearning Videos: explain features in learning scenarios and show video demonstrations
  2. Articles: technical articles including whitepapers addressing the best solution for industry-specific scenarios.
  3. Blogs: personal experiences, strategies, and insights shared from SAP Community Network members & experts
  4. Discussions: ask questions and give answers to enhance learning and develop your SAP skills

There are many ways to get to the learning materials, but the fastest way for a newbie is Search. Find the content by using Search Tool Bar. Just type the keyword and search. It only takes you 5 seconds to find the content.

Tips to find the content quickly: use the Asset type & Space filters to narrow down your search!

“One of my suggestions to fellow members would be going on hunt in SCN for articles, blogs, wikis and forums in your area. There would be some very good articles, blogs or wikis which would enhance your learning. And don’t forget to contribute later. That is how this community is running. ..” – Joshi Kavindra

Knowledge is power – but participation is the key to make you successful. We hope you engage in the SAP Community Network and successful learning from our tools and your peers.

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