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Develop a MDG custom object within 30 minutes!


Just want to inform you what I have recently published a new How-To Guide on SDN with the title “Develop a custom master data object in SAP MDG (Master Data Governance)“.

From my experience, many companies want to manage custom objects in a central master data system to be able to harmonize this information across their landscape. Custom objects can be individually defined objects such as assets or locations. Custom objects are typically less complex master data objects with a small and simple data model. They are often used as reference data in major objects such as material, suppliers and customers.

The How-To Guide describes the necessary steps to implement a custom object in SAP MDG. The guide is based on an object called “Location” and includes the following steps during the implementation phase:

  • Create a new Data Model
  • Define a new Business Object and Activity
  • Create a custom User Interface
  • Process Modeling
  • Test of the custom object

The target audiences of the document are typically technology consultants and MDM/MDG architects.

Please access the guide here:

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  • Hi there,

    I tested this tutorial in MDG 9.0 unfortunately many forms has been changed since 2012.

    But anyway, more or less I could complete all the steps but when I reach the point to test the service it show the following error:



    Is there any updated version of this tutorial for MDG 9.0?

    Remark: I can run the `usmd_entity_value2` itself, also when I remove `sap-wd-configid=ZK_APPL` from the URL I can see the application. But I really don’t know where is the problem.

    Also here it has been said:

    With MDG 7.0 the Web Dynpro application USMD_ENTITY_VALUE2 is obsolete. It is recommended to use the equivalent Web Dynpro applications for single-object processing.

    So as the second question: what is the alternative for `USMD_ENTITY_VALUE2`?