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How an SAP Career Can Be Like a Train Journey

It was during a train journey 2 weeks back we had this experience. Myself and my 2 friends were on our way to attend our friend’s marriage. We were having fun talking about various things around us. After one hour of journey, the train reached the next main station. There was a halt for around half-an-hour. When the train was about to leave the station, 2 guys rushed in to our compartment and occupied seats beside us. From their face, we were able to make out that they are new to that place. They enquired about a place where they wanted to go. We just told them where to get down and how to go to that place.

Do you know what SAP ABAP is?

And then one guy told us that they are going to attend a job interview for SAP ABAP and then started talking about the job profile. It was very easy to understand that they have just passed out of college and don’t know anything about SAP ABAP and the profile that they are talking. Seeing the fun we had been having in the train, they just underestimated us as some college students. After their conversation about their job profile, my friend asked them if they have any idea where I work. They were surprised to hear that am a working professional. After a while, a little hesitantly they asked me. I told them that I work at SAP Labs. Then they asked my friends, an SAP consultant at HP and other works at IBM. Needless to tell their reaction then. We could hear the sound of silence. I should admit, they did not believe us. We had the SAP TechEd Laptop bag with us. That was a bit convincing, though we were not bothered to convince them. Then they told they didn’t know anything about SAP ABAP. They didn’t even know that ABAP is the programming language. It was just that, one of their cousins told them, they can build a good career with SAP ABAP.

Do you know where you are going and what can hinder your path to reach the destination successfully?

The concern that they had is the salary offered for this job is less. As almost any other fresh graduate thinks who haven’t got proper guidance, they also thought in the same lines. They already had a far better offer from another IT company, but talking with them we understood that the job profile there is not that good. But these guys just look at the salary. Another major concern they had is the weight of the engineering degree. The company in which they were going to give interview is having arts and science graduates on their rolls from non-engineering streams. This dejects these 2 guys as they felt they have to work with non-engineering graduates at the same level. From their point of view, if the job can be done by non-engineers, what is the need for engineers? We got their problem then and talked to them. It is not the engineers, but the ability of the person that makes him qualify to do a work. And also informed them the necessity and importance of building a career with proper research and guidance instead of running behind the salary during the initial stage. Most fresh graduates fail to build a good career because of this kind of mindset.

Do you know who your fellow passengers are?

It has been a herculean task to make them understand how SAP works. There are certain things one should know about SAP, especially one who is new to SAP. They are ‘SAP Helps Companies Run Better’, ‘The Best-Run Businesses Run SAP’. That means it is not just about the business of the SAP as a company, but we are talking about the businesses run by other companies. In such case, there will be business minded people, functional consultants, business analysts who are not necessarily be engineers but from various other backgrounds with whom we will have to work closely. It will not be like some other IT companies wherein you will be working(programming) closely with a team of which most of them would be from engineering background. In SAP, especially in the consulting field, there will be many people who knows business, but not necessarily be engineers. And there will be programmers/technical consultants who work closely with the functional consultants in order to realize the business scenarios of the companies. This coupling should be well understood by anyone, especially fresh graduates. Otherwise you might miss/not be able to pursue a good career ahead in SAP due to misjudgement.

Do you know the type of train that you should/shouldn’t board?

Also running just for higher salary is not a good trend. It is not something that should be given higher priority especially in the initial stage of your career. The priority should be given to learn and perceive the things that you are working with. You should know what you are doing, how is it used and how will it help you in the future. If you learn and know these things, you will be able to apply your learnings in future and thereby build your career. Once you become a knowledgeable person, the best salary will be available for you in the market. You don’t need to run behind the salary, instead the best jobs with the best market salaries from the Best companies will run behind you and hunt you. You just need to choose the one you like, among them.

For a successful train journey.

Building a career is like a train journey. If you don’t have any plans, you will reach nowhere. You should know where to board/unboard the trains in order to reach the destinations(career milestones).

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  • Awesome blog Leon 🙂

    In fact, I have used most of the words mentioned in this blogs with the new folks landing in our team 😉

    This kind of guidance shots up the confidence level, boosts motivation, creates better hope of bright future ahead and change the wrong perceptions in mind. Thanks for sharing with community.


    V V

    • Thanks Vinod. Nice to know you have already experienced such situations and guided the new folks. Keep going 🙂

      Best Regards,


  • Hi Leon,

    Thanks For Sharing Such A Nice Blog.

    @Divya Rao : Thanks For Sharing This Link With Me & also Thanks For Ur Concern.

    Now The Very First Task That Am Going to do is mail this Link to my brother as he is planning to Start his career In SAP BI, but the problem with him is he just wanted to go with SAP BI only coz I was already into BI/BO so that he thinks that I will be a added plus point for him to learn but I want him to choose the module which suits him better or at least choose one after attending some demos for the modules ( Not All But which suits him). and then in latter point of time we both can share our knowledge from diff modules.

    So What Do U Suggest Leon ?

    any one can Suggest me.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Rakesh N

  • Hi Leon,

    Vey nice blog, I especialy like the line:

    " It is not the engineers, but the ability of the person that makes
    him qualify to do a work

    Indeed it is, many a time I quote myself - "I am engineer by profession not by education."



  • Very good information to kick start a career as a fresher. I am working into SAP ABAP from last two years, and I feel privileged to be an ABAPer.

  • Hi Leon ,

    Very good message and inspirational for the freshers. Even i experienced same thing and took the decision to find the beauty of sap rather than thinking about the salary. As one day SAP itself gives us a beautiful career which is my strong belief and believing it..

    Please post these kind of blogs more which gives us more boost.



  • nice one

    Building a career is like a train journey.

    If you don’t have any plans, you will reach nowhere.

    You should know where to board/unboard the trains in order to reach the destinations really got inspired from these words

  • Leon this message is a good reminder and can be applied to any career path (Journey) and SAP is no exception. As a fresher it's nice to know I haven't fallen for the pitfall of chasing the salary just starting out. This is a very active community, I'm going to scour the board for other tidbits as I perform more research.


  • Respected Sir,

    I am Tulsidas A Ankam, age 35 years, living in Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

    I did B. Com, M. Com and now pursuing MBA last years from Open University.

    I have 12+ years experience in Channel & Direct Sales.

    Currently I am working with Trimax IT Infrastructure & Services Ltd, previous I was part of HCL Infosystems Ltd for almost 3.6 years.


    I have few query to start a new career in SAP, those are as below....

    1. After spending useful and valuable peak career in sales, almost 12+ years Am I eligible to do career in SAP?
    2. Is there any scope and future If I started new career in SAP?
    3. When I spent 12 years in Sales Career, I could have to start as Fresher in SAP? 
    4. If I selected SAP-SD functional module, Is there any surety for Placement? And what would be the CTC?
    5. Which center is best to do SAP Online Course?
    6. If I go with METROPOLITAN city for Course and certification, is there any chance to get high paid jobs/placement?
    7. Or I can select any authorize training institute (Pune or Aurangabad), where I could get equal career opportunity as in Metro?
    8. What would be special privilege in SAP career? Growth?

    Dear Sir, 

    This is are eagerly queries, which are shacking me to enter in new SAP world.

    Hopes, you will revert with me on each and every query, which will take me further to enter in SAP world with positively.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Tulsidas Ankam



    Email -

    • Hi Tulsidas,

      • Everyone is eligible to start a career in SAP at any point of time.
      • SAP has lots of Job Opportunities In India as well as abroad.
      • When you will enter into SAP field, you have to start as a fresher & compromise on Salary atleast for an year or two. After 2 years of experience, you can flourish as a SAP Professional.
      • It matters the least from which centre you are doing the course. The most important is how much knowledge you are able to gather during the training. Even you finish your training from authorized institute you will get a freshers' package only(This is exclusive my opinion based on my experience).
      • Every job has its won growth opportunities & it comes with effort.



      • Hi Usha,

        Moving towards SD module where I have 12 years domain experience in Sales & Marketing.

        I have attended one Seminar and had consulted many Authorized Training Center, e.g.. ATOS, Genovate, BPCL, Delphi and Primas ATC.

        I will choose correct ATC as per my flexibility & will start to do my career in SAP-SD.

        ONE QUERY............

        SAP - SD or CRM?

        Please suggest....



  • I'm talking from the viewpoint of a SAP Business One consultant. If it is like a train journey, there's no point in pretending that it's a trip on a stable railway network where the same lines remain in operation for the whole journey. What actually happens it that new lines keep opening, and some of the ones that were working when you got on are being closed, or more often, just being left to fall into disuse.

    So any plan you had when you boarded will need frequent revision, and you may need to accept that you're going somewhere other than you set out for! But you can still enjoy the trip... 🙂



  • Hi Leon, Very nice blog. Specially the Headlines you have written and explained in such a simple and effective way...

    # Do you know where you are going and what can hinder your path to reach the destination successfully?

    It’s important to understand the destination before starting any journey.

    # Do you know who your fellow passengers are?

    Always see around you rather underestimate surroundings (here the whole world is now falls under surrounding), don't run just because others are running but "Run" if you want to Stay.

    # Do you know the type of train that you should/shouldn’t board?

    Always find out inner capabilities & qualities and workout on your best part of the personality, everyone has inside voice, listen it.

    # For a successful train journey.

    think, plan & go ahead...

    great post.