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Why is Ownership so Important?

Ownershipof tasks, and motivation, go hand in hand for any project. Too the possession, or rights, that employees claim to their duties has a positive affect on individual employee performance . Those who complete clearly defined responsibilities are rewarded with feelings of accomplishments. This reaction plays a vital role in maintaining employee morale and reducing employee turnover. When many are asked to do a single job, and clarity of responsibilities is lost, it has a negative affect on productivity.

It is easy to understand that when leaders is face aggressive deadlines, in a need to hurry, that there are missed opportunities where one among a group can be empowered.Especially, in the short-run, it always seems that getting a job done quickly is most important. But, by looking at the bigger picture – linked to delegating employee ownership –  it will include an understanding that tasks may take more time, and, that an occassional deadline or two could be missed. On the other hand, in the long-run, employee growth, that uses an internal biological system of reward, that commits ones sense of belonging to a company is increased. This is important to any company.

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