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SAP BW IP Scenario for Bottom up Planning

This weblog is about the SAP BW Integrated planning scenario for implementing the ‘Bottom Up Planning’ approach, which involves the planning manager’s approval for each of the planning end user’s planning entry.

This weblog deals with a sample scenario to implement “Bottom up Planning” using SAP BW Integrated Planning concepts. Even though already we have a concept called “Status Tracking system” in SAP, I felt that it was difficult to configure and use it. Hence when I got the requirement to implement “Bottom Up Planning”, I tried to implement it completely using existing SAP BW IP concepts itself.

The work flow of “Bottom up Planning” is as follows,

1. The Sales Director initiates the planning process by sending e-mail notifications to regional Sales Managers in his region.
2. The regional Sales Managers enter plan data and request the Sales Director to approve the estimates.
3. The Sales Director either accepts or rejects the submitted plans.
4. When a plan is rejected the responsible regional Sales Manager is requested to revise the first plan estimate until the Sales Director accepts the plan.
5. When all planning tasks are approved the planning session is finished.


The solution for implementing the above workflow using BW IP is as follows,

1. Include a characteristic ‘0version’ in the planning cube, which is used to maintain planning versions. Use this info object to track the planned records status (for eg., approved or not).
2. Also include a keyfigure ‘ZSTATUS’ of type “Numeric” to track the Planning records approval from planning head. As the planning users change \ plan the records (with 0version = plan1), the planning head opens the same records using another query, where in he is able to enter ‘0’ (not approved) or ‘1’ (approved) for the planning records.
3. Now use “Formula” planning function to copy only the values with your key figure value = ‘1’ because you want to copy only the approved records to 0version ‘plan’.
The characteristic to be changed is ‘Version’. The key figure name is selected as the characteristic for conditions. ‘ZSTATUS’ should be selected as the value for the key figure name. The following formula copies the revenue from plan 1 to plan if the ‘ZSTATUS’ in version plan1 is equal to ‘1’. We cannot implement the planning function of type Copy in this example as it is not possible to formulate conditions for key figure values here. It is generally an advantage to use the special planning functions rather than formulas as these are implemented more efficiently.

The sample formula is as follows,

IF {kyf name,plan1} = 1.

{kyf name,plan} = {kyf name,plan1}.


For writing formula FOX code, please refer to the following link,

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