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LMDB – Landscape Management Database

Working with LMDB additional features:


“LMDB” – landscape management database

“SLD” – System landscape directory


“DAA” – Diagnostic agent

“SMSY”  – Solution Manager system landscape

“SOLMAN_BTC” – Solman background user

The system’s advantages LMDB are:

1. Systems synchronize perfectly with “SLD”

2. Manual synchronization option with “SLD”

3. Change the product instance

4. Creating “RFC” to the manage system.

5. Assigned Product Instances

6. You can display and maintain the list of the clients which are configured in the

   selected system.

7. Details of the hosts related to the selected Technical System.

8. Usage of selected host by this technical system only. 

You can always change and add the synchronization connection

  •  Note that you should update on the SLD the component repository “CR CONTENT” highest version
  •  You can synchronize the “LMDB” with some “SLD”
  •  The “DAA” Agent is installed on servers that updates the “SLD” and it updates the “LMDB”

The first “LMDB” configuration is in Solman_Setup – Basic configuration

  • “LMDB” updated from “SLD” ​​and updates the “SMSY”
  • Each update will change in “LMDB” will change soon in “SMSY”

Technical information:


Job: SAP_LMDB_LDB_0000000001

Timing: every 10 minutes



“RFC” Connection:


Connection type: HTTP Connection to External Serv

Path prefix – / sld / cimom

Setup system landscape:


In “SMSY”  We can see the last update of the system from “LMDB”

The data source:  “LMDB” or “RFC”:


If we try to change system landscape in “SMSY” we get the message

Best regards

Naor Shalom

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  • Hello Noar

    Sorry to have to bug you twice but I again have similar remarks to this blog.

    I would advise you section your blogs, add an introduction, add chapters and put more effort into it. You could also add a small section with links to documentation, SAP notes for example.

    You bullet points for example are confusing since there is so little text. For example You can synchronize the “LMDB” with some “SLD”  That’s bound to create confusion.

    The only comments on your latest two blogs are coming from a coworker apparently. I can see why although I rather see other community members comment that a blog is useful or helpful.

    It surprises me that you speak of LMDB advantages.
    Those “advantages” you list are not new and existed in SMSY as well.

    To be clear: I don’t want you to stop blogging. I want to help out to aid you in delivering better quality blogs that can get more traction and interest from the SAP community.

    Your welcome to contact me if you want. If you want I can read your next blog in advance and give you tips/help out.

    Kind regards