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End-to-End Root Cause Analysis “Error loading template”

This error happened when you try to load data from Business Warehouse in root cause analysis.


The web template need to be activate properly.

To activate the web template call transaction RSA1 – navigate to BI Content – Web Templates (Format SAP BW 3.x) – Double Click on Select Objects

In the pop-up window search the Web Template that was displayed in the message


Once you have found it, select “transfer selection”

Now you need to activate the result

Select Grouping Select “in Dataflow before and Afterwds”

Select Install – Install

Other way is to activate is to call transaction CCMSBISETUP

But if you using another BW for your Solution Manager instead of using the BW available within Solution Manager you get the massage

So use the setup in the work center “System Monitoring”

Best regards

Naor Shalom

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  1. Tom Cenens
    Hello Noar

    I think it’s great that new faces appear on SDN who are motivated into starting to blog.

    I hate to say this but I don’t see the added value of this blog.

    “Error loading template” is well documented by SAP through documentation available at Service Marketplace Diagnostics area.

    The purpose of blogging on SDN should be to deliver quality content. Some pointers for you: add an introduction to your blog, use headers, pick a good topic, check for existing documentation, blogs and related content. I’m sure you would have more readers and better traction if you would.

    If you understand what that last screenshot (pop-up) is about then it would mean you are using another BW for your Solution Manager instead of using the BW available within Solution Manager. I wouldn’t recommend doing that either.

    Kind regards


      1. Tom Cenens
        Hello Noar

        Through my mail address mentioned on my SCN Business Card or through LinkedIN for example.

        I will answer mail(s) received 🙂

        Kind regards



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