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My first steps with Easy Query

Animated by the blog series about the new “Easy Query”-feature, I even wanted to see this on a real system. You can start reading here: Easy queries on SAP NetWeaver BW.

First off all, I had to upgrade my BI-Toolset to 7.20, Patch level 600. After this, I could see the new flag enabled:

So, I try to make my first query…After saving this, I get some errors and with it some more informations: 

  1. You cannot have any characters in your columns
  2. You must have a bgRFC-Destination called QD_EQ_LOCAL


The first point has been solved very easy;-) Just clear your structure…

The second point was a little bit more difficult to find:

Start Transaction SBGRFCCONF and Configure your Inbound bgRFC-Destination

After that, I could save my query with EQ-flag set.Within the Transaction EQMANAGER I could see all the informations and est the new query. By the way: Every time you change your query, you have to regenerate your query.

My first EQ runs perfectly (within some deficits with my displayed values ;-)):

My next steps will be to look after the EQ interfaces and how to integrate them in different scenarios.

After all, I like the EQ-approach for simple queries which will be used for different participants who do not want for analyze in deep. Through the generated but identical interface, you can easy build your application around this framework.

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