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BusinessObjects Universe Optimization and Best Practices

What does poor BusinessObjects Universe design do to your reporting solution?  The list is long including: poor performance, increased complexity, limited usability, an understatement of the value and power of your BusinessObjects investment, and many more limitations. 

For many years I worked as a consultant and trainer for BusinessObjects and beat the drum of “good universe design.”  Those that heard it and evangelized within their own organizations realized they just produced a competitive advantage over those that did not.  Many of us have been trying to carry this message back to our organizations with limited success. 

SAP Enterprise Support is now offering a new way to carry this message forward through the Expert Guided Implementation (EGI) for “Relational Universe Design and Best Practices.”  The pilot session for N. America is occuring on CW13 (or March 27 – 29).  Yes, it’s a pilot session which means that it does NOT count against your 5 day Enterprise Support contingent for 2012.  For those of you less than familiar with what that means please request to speak to the Support Advisor Center (via the Customer Interaction Center @ 800-677-7271) for more details.  In any case, this 3 day session is at no additional charge to customers with SAP Enterprise Support.

Go to the SAP Service Marketplace to sign up today:

Optimize and leverage best practices for universe design with the Expert Guided Implementation for Relational Universe Optimization and Best Practices available on CW13 or Mar 27 – 29.  This service is at no additional fee for customers with Enterprise Support.  Register today to save your seat! 


Alternate registration directions:

Go to

=> choose the following navigation from the left hand panel – “View by Delivery Method; Expert Guided Implementation; Expert Guided Implementation Schedule – Register Here!”

=> select the Americas tab on the main page

=> select CW13 on the line for “Relational Universe Optimization and Best Practice” (at the bottom of the schedules sessions for Americas)

=> select the Register button and follow the remaining steps to complete registration.

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  • Hi Shawn, I was registered but unable to attend this event on March 27 2012. Please let me know if there is a recorded version of this event available for access. Thanks very much.

  • Hello Everyone,

    Please take note that we have new “Relational Universe Design and Best Practices” Expert Guided Implementation sessions posted on the calendar for N. America.  There are sessions available on CW29 (July 17-19) & CW33 (Aug 14-16).  Choose the hyperlinks provided to register.