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Sizing for SAP GRC 10 & IDM 7.2 – Quicksizer needed

Over the past couple of projects being done in SAP GRC I have come to realize that there is a need for Quick sizer to be made capable to provide sizing details for SAP GRC & IDM solutions.

Many a times client come to me asking for appropriate sizing recommendations in terms of SAPS and we do not have an exact way to tell them this information. We have the SAP GRC 10 Sizing guideline but the same can’t be used in quick sizer to come up with the SAPS requirement for SAP GRC Access Control or Identity Management solutions.

Sometimes the client want the information related to sizing in only SAPS and providing a break up of SAPS for DB and App is also a challenge for GRC and IDM. Also felt that less has been said about the fact if SAP GRC and SAP NW IDM both can sit on the same server? Ideally SAP GRC and IDM I believe should not be on the same server as SAP NW IDM becomes a critical point for all landscape authentication requirements and this application needs to be exclusive. Hence even if technically it is possible to put SAP GRC 10 and IDM on the same server one should not do this. Having SAP GRC Access Control 10 and Process Control 10 on the same server should not be a problem at all. The sizing of the server needs to be carefully done in such a case. It is good for clients to be aware about this while deploying SAP GRC Access Control 10 that in future if they have plans to deploy SAP GRC Process Control 10 they should size in advance. Doing this will significantly reduce the resource requirement as both the applications can run very well on the same server.

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