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SAP IT Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure management can be integrated into the Application Lifecycle Management, and is a scalable extension for SAP Enterprise Support customers. You can extend your use of SAP Solution Manager to include proactive infrastructure monitoring and alerting, providing a common platform to discribe and manage heterogeneous technical infrastructures.


Expanding the Value of SAP Enterprise Support With SAP IT Infrastructure Management

SAP Enterprise Support customers can extend Application Lifecycle Management seamlessly with SAP IT Infrastructure Management.

Expand the value


SAP IT Infrastructure Management is a solution for acquiring and administrating all IT components in an infrastructure including PCs, printers, servers, routers and so on. Considerable advantages of this management solution include the agentless collection of the infrastructure data of all components within an IT landscape and being able to perform comprehensive monitoring without needing to install any agents. The collected data are stored in a so-called Configuration Management Database (CMDB) which provides the basis for IT service management in accordance with the ITIL. The integrated CMDB allows seamless and transparent infrastructure visibility in SAP and non-SAP environments. Complete system and device information on the relevant IT is furnished and correlated for incident and change management as well as for monitoring and alerting. The automatic detection of all active components and the normalization of data form the basis for complete IT service management.


The core functions of SAP IT Infrastructure Management are:


  • Automatic data acquisition (discovery) of the IT infrastructure

  • Allocation of the elements to the systems or processes

  • Monitoring and alerting for any network-enabled devices and systems

  • Illustrating all configuration items (CIs) in Incident and Service Management

  • Supporting the application lifecycle process

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      Author's profile photo Chris Kernaghan
      Chris Kernaghan
      SAP are bringing out/have brought out a new product to compliment Solution Manager 7.1, to capture and manage the configuration management of your IT landscape.

      Whilst I look forward to many people blogging, could we have more information on this -
      When did/will it go GA
      Links for more information
      What technology it's based on - even an architecture diagram.

      If these things are coming so much the better, but we see a great many single blogs from product managers which whet our appetite for information and then go silent.

      This product will have many competitors, Chef, Puppet etc... In order to get it into companies, give the community the information to make informed decisions please.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Chris, are you still looking for more information relating to this solution? I may be able to help, this solution (SAP Infrastructure Management) is software from the organisation that I now work for. 

      Let me know if I can help, I have plenty of information that I am happy to share. Best email address is

      Look forward to hearing from you. (btw I am also frustrated by blogs that are started and then are not continued or maintained!)


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      two simple and vital questions:
      1) Can SAP IT Infrastructure already be used/integrated with Solution Manager 7.1 SPS4?
      2) Can SAP IT Infrastructure be installed on the Server of Solution Manager 7.1?
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      From my knowledge the integration of SAP Infrastructure Management into Solution Manager will be available with SPS5, although SAP Infrastructure Management can be implmenented and operate separately.  So potentially by the time any implementation was complete the integration into Solution Manager should be available.

      With regards to installing on the same server, then theoretically it is possible.

      For info I work for the organisation that has produced the software that will be provided as SAP Infrastructure Management, so will be supporting the SAP go to market and any interest from people such as yourself.  My apologies for not finding your post to this blog sooner, but please contact me at and I will be more than happy to help with any further questions / information.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Dear Andrew,

      The statement "SAP Enterprise Support customers can extend Application Lifecycle Management seamlessly with SAP IT Infrastructure Management." is not so clear, today in Europe i cannot get official answer from SAP to verify this. One other point is With Solman 7.1 SP6 there is no statement that CMDB objects will fully visible in incident management scenarios. Can you please provide more information regarding my 2 concerns on Realtech side?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Configuration Item has assignment block «R3 identification».

      Is it possible CI integration with material (SAP MM) and Asset Accounting (FI-AA)?

      It was not possible to find detailed information about this functional.

      Thanks for any answers.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Andrew,
      I am not sure if you are still working for Realtech as its been 5 years from the previous post and that's a long time for people to stick in the same organization.... but you never know....

      Anyway, I am an independent Solman consultant and in every project I am asked on the possibilities of monitoring the wider infrastructure and also if Solman has a built in CMDB. In response, I do not have concrete answers, especially in the following areas -
      1. Cost of procuring the ITIM tool (which I know for sure is not part of SAP Support offering)
      2. Integration with Solman (documentation)
      3. On-going support with SAP ITIM (will it be SAP or Realtech)

      Would appreciate if you could enlighten.
      Deepak Nemani