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Need of a new Translation Tool

I have done translations in my last few projects. We have been using SE63 to do the translation. Going with the current trends I think the translator tool provided by SAP needs an upgrade.  I think its now quiets an old one and it should be upgraded in the nearby future releases.  The point where I am drilling down to is an altogether new tool with easy to do features like update translation from files directly etc.

On a personal front I feel that the new translator tool should have the below mentioned features. Have been thinking about designing it for a long time.

Various features to be accommodated in the new tool

  1. Simple and yet powerful interface
  2. Ability to store translations already done for same labels in some other program more or less like a dictionary.
  3. Ability to get translation using various translation tools automatically such as Google translator.
  4. Finally an easy straight fwd transport mechanism. We do have SLXT Tcode for the same but I still think the translation should be integrated with the respective programs.

My inputs on the above points

  1. It can be simple ALV where user should have the upload filed option and based on the translations will be maintained directly.
  2. It is more less like we have the proposed translations. For example in one of the custom development you have store some translation and based on it system shall propose automatically for other development objects. I think it is available but have not explored it yet.
  3. This I guess is the most important point which is like making SAP communicates with Google translator or other tools to fetch translation and propose the same. The developer can change them also manually if he/she wants to. I have not begin the search for this points but will start
  4. I think there should be a simpler way of assigning translation to Transport requests may be like they should get attached to the development transport automatically when we maintain them.

Feel free to add your opinion/features about the same.

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  • Hi,
    interesting topic. I am working on a reasonably big custom development which must be translated to multiple languages and I know the pain.
    I cannot see SAP delivering something, but maybe the crowd can suggest some shortcuts, best practises how to survive with what`s already available or – like in my case – do custom development for translation that would make our life much much easier.
    I would like to see other people commenting on the blog, sharing their ways, but of course I cannot force anyone. So I try to lead by example.
    I built a custom developed “translation suite” which gives me better overview of what`s missing etc. sitting on top of the SAP standard. I am using it with my close colleagues and know there must be a lot more to know to make our lives even easier.
    Have you ever thought or tried any custom development? Do you have any tips or tricks? Can you tell us more about your background and size of the translation task you`re facing?
    I used to be a dreamer too, but as I said, I cannot see SAP delivering a new translation suite.
    By the way: I wonder how SAP is doing their translations. They`re reasonably good, they must handle hell of a load and the task to translate things is further in the process than the development itself. Maybe some SAP gurus can share part of their secret too.
    Cheers Otto
    p.s.: are there any commercial tools for “rapid” translation in SAP? Does anybody know any?
    • Thanks otto for the comments.. I have been using the same old tcode for translation which i think is not that quick and fast. I have been doing translation of many programs in 3-4 languages.

      One thing which i learnt to reduce the effort was to try to get all descriptions from database tables for reporT screen and module pool programs. That helped me up to a certain limit as i just have to maintain translation for those data elements but rest was a problem.

      The idea to start working on the new custom tool was always there but i think it is a high time either SAP should deliver or we start our own basis,


  • True Nabheet.

    Infact the best part that we need to is the Transportation of TRANSLATIONS from one system to another.Instead of maintaining them as Soft Configurations from one system to another.

    Hopefully we should have some TOOL 😥 an not a REPORT( like we have one 😉 ) to do so.