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Integrated Bill Simulation with SAP Document Presentment

This article assumes some familiarity with SAP Document Presentment as well as SAP customizing.

You can find more details on SAP Document Presentment under Solution Extensions at SAP Document Presentment by OpenText (former StreamServe)

This scenario also assumes there is already a working layout deployed in the Document Presentment application connected to a SAP raw data billing data stream. In this scenario we assume it is RDI (but it could equally well be XSF for SmartForms or XFP for PDF-based print forms). The connection as usual requires a print device defined in transaction SPAD that is connected to the StreamServer, using the Delivery Manager / XOM interface (access method E) or some other supported access method of the SAP spool interface.


  • SAP for Utilities (IS-U) v 6      Enhancement pack 5 or above
  • SAP Document Presentment 5.5      (build >=1298)

Configuration in SAP Utilities

  • Define dispatch control for Document Presentment. Use SM34 to enter maintenance dialog for table ESENDCONTROL.
  • Mantain a new disp. control entry and go on to maintain a shipping type for the control. The shipping type should be of type Print, select format expected (in our case Raw data interface) and assign the Output Device connected to Document Presentment, ins this case is happens to be called ZSTRSPREVIEW.
  • Save and exit the dispatch control definition. Now go to SAP IMG Customizing for SAP Utilities.
  • Under activity for Bill Printout execute the activity to “Override Application form for Bill simulation. Define settings for the respective Application form used in the output of Billing documents, assign function codes as below as well as the Document Presentment dispatch control. Also make sure PDF from OMS is selected.
    IMG for Bill Simulation

    Bill Simulation with Document Presentment settings


Configuration in SAP Document Presentment

Use the Design Center application to configure anRFC Preview connector with details to connect to the respective SAP Utilities system as well as applying appropriate mapping of variables and connector selection for routing preview and simulation requests back to SAP.

  • Enable –sapbapi option for the StreamServer in the Platform export settings.
  • Configure an RFC Preview Connector in physical platform settings
    RFC Preview Connector Platform settings
  • Validate runtime settings and apply dynamic connector selection based on if the incoming spool request has a preview flag set or not (for RDI check $r3_tdpreview = X). Note that the cover title of the spool request is mapped as key and the client of the spool request as client. This data is available by default as below if the StreamServe RDI Agent is configured to handle the incoming data from SAP.
    Runtime settings and dynamic connector selection

Running Bill Simulation from SAP

  • Locate a suitable print document that uses one of the application forms for which the Bill Simulation configuration was maintained earlier. Use this print document in transaction EA40 and press Simulate Bill.
    Simulate Bill EA40
  • The Billing document as rendered by SAP Document Presentment is now displayed to the SAP user! Since Document Presentment can apply dynamic business rules to personalize the document layout depending on the individual recipient, the integrated bill simulation is important to get an accurate view of how the final billing document will look for a specific customer.
    Simulated Bill from Document Presentment
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