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Process Orchestration Can Save Your Business Millions

If your business is willing to take the correct steps and think like a  sustainable market leader, there are many avenues to explore, but  improving and streamlining business critical process is right up there  on the priority of CEO’s and CIO’s according to Gartner and Forester.

When it comes to process orchestration, SAP has a suite of products  that are in use by more than 70,000 companies worldwide. From simple  2-step processes contained within a single SAP system, to 300+ step  processes driven by thousands of business rules spanning multiple  countries and integrating multiple SAP and non-SAP back-ends. SAP has  done it all.

So how can process orchestration save you millions? Think of it this  way: Your company currently has critical processes that are difficult to  govern, difficult to enforce and difficult to monitor. People forget.  People make mistakes – sometimes very expensive mistakes. People  procrastinate. People go on holiday. People forget to tell other people  when they’ve done what they need to do. People don’t like the process,  so they don’t follow it. People leave the company and the process rules  go with them in their heads. Automating these processes eliminates all  of these problems – it forces the right people to do the right work at  the right time. It cuts out unnecessary delays. It improves user  adoption. It encourages working smartly. It monitors and escalates when  people don’t do what they should. It provides beautiful analytics. It  just does process right. Now imagine how much your company could save if  you cut a business critical process time down by 50% or even 90%.  Imagine how much you would save if you could automate more than half of  the decisions made in a process. Imagine how much you would save if  those expensive mistakes were no longer made. Ever.

It’s not just massive savings that process orchestration offers – it  also increases customer satisfaction, frees up valuable resources for  more productive use, enforces compliance and creates refreshing  transparency in the business. It’s time for you to use process  orchestration to ease your business pain points and drive huge value to  the bottom line.


What BPM Means To You

BPM means different things to everyone – methodology, strategy,  technology, analytics… What BPM means to you will determine how  successful your process orchestration initiatives will be. It is vital  to have a clear and common understanding between all stakeholder of what  BPM is (or from which perspective you are looking at it) and what role  it should play in your organization.

To some, BPM means the methodology and documentation of business  processes – modelling, blueprinting, training material, operational flow  charts, how one process effects another, etc. To others, it means the  strategy like Total Quality Management (TQM), Six Sigma, Lean  Manufacturing, Return on Quality (RoQ), etc. Other times BPM is referred  to as the technology behind business processes – automated email  notifications for assigned tasks, deadline monitoring, escalations and  keeping track of key process indicators.

In fact, BPM encompasses all of the above – it is the “big process  perspective”. It’s about business process centricity, improvement,  optimisation, transformation and automation. BPM is not a tool, it’s not  a methodology, it’s not a strategy – it’s more than any one if those.  It’s all of them.


Your BPM Roadmap

BPM will mean something different to you depending on where you are  in the process management journey. It is important that you have a clear  roadmap laid out for your BPM strategy to ensure that your investments  are well executed and the value is realised over and over again. Your  BPM roadmap is the roadmap to your organizations success.


Focus on Your Pain Points

Business processes are more often than not over-complicated and  weighed down with unnecessary red tape or political influence – this  directly and indirectly causes business pain points. Customer centric  optimization and automation of your most critical processes will save  you millions and get rid of your biggest pain points.


SAP Process Orchestration

The SAP Process Orchestration Suite delivers a world class workflow  automation system (SAP BPM), a rock solid business rules engine (SAP  BRM) and a market-leading process integration system (SAP PI). SAP has  now bundled all 3 of these products into the SAP Process Orchestration  Suite, and you can get all three products for the same price that you  would usually pay for SAP PI alone. Have a look at an Introduction to Process Orchestration for more details.

There are many fascinating use-cases that show the potential of how Process  Orchestration can benefit you. and make your customers love you even  more.

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