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Mobile Apps have to have the look !

Branding and Corporate Identity is another part of the Mobile Application UX that will be important from 2012 onwards. Compliance to a standard corporate visual design helps to build a consistent look and feel for your brand, that you have already have spent time and money on.

Now you must visualise the look that the Mobile Application will be designed around. Nowadays we can take a number of approaches, such as Paper, Pencil & Stencil and digital means. I prefer the digital way forward. There are a number of Applications that aid iterative RAD design processes such as Balsamiq Mockups, iMockups (iPad Application), App Layout (iPad Application), Mobile elements available for PhotoShop, Illustrator and Fireworks.

Ensure your Mobile Applications have a very native/common user friendly and very productive environment, one that your Prosumer will expect from there interaction with other Mobile Applications. In turn this will inspire Confidence and Trust

Finally… Test, Review and Refine, just as before but with Mobile Applications this is more important as you are going to have one shot before your Mobile Application is compared to all the others available on the public and private App Stores.

Your Mobile Application should be Amazing, Beautiful and Compelling even if it is a Business App.

For great examples check out what is coming from SAP

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