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BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.1-> View data section window setting tip

Benefit: This blog is of help to the user who are new to BusinessOjects Data Services technology.   

In a scenario where the source table used in any of the data flow has more than say 4000 records & the same set of table is being processed in the target table, now when the user right clicks on the source or target table used in the dataflow and select “View Data” then only total of 1000 records are displayed.

   By default Data Services designer allows the user to check only 1000 records, and if the user wants to see more than 1000 records in the Data Services designer window below mentioned setting is recommended:

Go to->
1) Tools Menu
2) Select Options
3) Click on Designer
4) Click on General
5) Change the value of “View data sampling size (rows)”. [By default it is 1000, change it to say 4500]
6) Click on “OK”.

Please find attached screen shot for the same.

DS Option for setting Records

DS Option for setting Records
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