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Sharing my Workflow Experience

In my last blog few months back on workflow I have talked about my take away points while investigating a workflow problem. So this blog is basically about my learning’s about working with workflows in last 2-3 months.

  • SWNCONFIG Extended notifications
    • We were using extended notifications to send external email with hyperlinks via report SWN_SELSEN. The report was executing and selecting notifications but was not sending them. So thought of may be the approver email id’s are not maintained.



  • Checked it in SU01D it was there. So next step we did was to check our extended notifications configurations again and everything including filters, delivery schedule, Schedule selection and filters were maintained correctly. So left with no alternative but to debug the SWN_SELSEN report. But during debugging found a new feature about this report that all the steps performed were getting logged. Instantly we stopped debugging and went to SLG1 without any delay and looked in the log.



  • Bingo the error was there Error when creating message’. So the error which was occurring was known now. Though GOOGLE and SDN found that SWN has three services which need to be activated.  So we went to SICF and searched for SWN* and found the three services SWN_CONFIG, SWN_MESSAGE1 and SWN_WIEXECUTE.  SWN_MESSAGE1 was deactivated and we activated it.


  • Output after the change



  • After transporting to Production Steps
    • It is good practice to check always in production whether all the agent assignment has been activated or not. It not then there is an issue we may need to transport the customizing entries again.
    • Make sure after any transport for translation has been sent the buffer should be synchronized if they are not please do it through SWU_OBUF.
  • Classify task as general effects when user is not found
    • Classification of task is very important step in workflow. We had classified the task as general and in our case the approver was getting determined as blank. So workflow was sending the work item to all the persons because of this classification.  It is always a good practice if the approver is not found then the work item should be routed to the workflow administrator or to make it end in error.
  • Rule versus using a method to determine approver
    • When I starting developing workflow I used to create a task before the decision or dialog work item and determine the approver and return it back to workflow. But gradually I face problems like approver was determine wrongly and I was not able to re-determine the agents or approver again. With no alternative the work item needs to be forwarded then came this wonderful thing called Rules they are simply awesome. Even if it’s not returning correct approver no need to forward it again you just need to redo them using transaction SWI1_RULE. From my experience I will say they are the best. Let me know about your opinion too.

Above are my learning’s which I learnt in last few months. Please feel free to share your opinion about the same.

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