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Its the Mobile Apps experience that counts

User eXperience to the rescue!

User eXperience or UX groups User Interface, User Interaction and Graphic Designs together that in turn aids, how your Mobile Application is perceived, learned and ultimately used. The key points of UX are the focus on real end users, the validation of their needs & requirements, understanding the users’ working models ultimately to design for a awesome user experience.

Building Applications that use Native features will achieve high quality Applications with added value for the user. Follow Tablet and Smartphone Guidelines. For iOS it is the Apple HIG (Human Interface Guidelines), as these are there to advise and guide. Key point is Mobilise DO NOT Miniaturise, because you can put every field from your existing desktop Business Application, just about in one Mobile screen may not be the best solution and definitely not the best design.

What a great Mobile Application Design begins with is some clear definitions and that should come in the form of an ADS – Application Definition Statement. The ADS is a concise, concrete declaration of an Applications main purpose and who its intended audience is. Once the ADS is complete and agreed, pin it up on the wall and make sure that it is adhered to!

In the next blog, tomorrow (Friday), I will mention design features to keep in mind

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